Paytm Vs Uc Browser
Paytm in discussions to buy UCWeb’s India business

Paytm has held discussions with Alibaba-owned browser UCWeb for an acquisition of the latter’s India business, sources aware of the matter said. UCWeb’s UC Browser emerged as the largest mobile browser in India beating Google Chrome last year, and today accounts for more than 51% of the market here. The transaction could be valued at $400-$500 million, the sources said.


Over the past few weeks, top executives of the companies have met to discuss the acquisition. For Paytm, CFO Madhur Deora is leading the discussions. UCWeb, which has a monthly active user base of 130 million in India, had previously held talks with local smartphone makers here to buyout its local business, but those talks appear to have stalled.


SoftBank-backed Paytm sees an opportunity in using the browser to market its products and acquire a new set of users, especially first generation internet users in non-metro cities, a segment in which UC Browser is very strong. “A browser is a gateway for most new internet users and Paytm is looking to tap into that opportunity via UCWeb. All top internet companies are looking to tap into new users to expand the overall customer base,” said a person aware of the discussions. The country’s largest e-tailer, Flipkart, has under 15 million monthly active users, a fraction of the country’s population

Article Credit: Times of India

Learn Digital Marketing & start your own business
I want to learn Digital Marketing and start my own business as a consultant

I want to learn Digital Marketing and start my own business as a consultant. What should I do?

I think that your work is what defines who you are. Before coming to what to do, the first question you must ask yourself is ‘Why’ do it? If you get a clear answer of the why to learn Digital marketing, welcome to the world of online branding!

Digital marketing has been and is currently among the top most boosting business with lot of scope, choices and most importantly, need. The world is shifting online and traditional word of mouth marketing isn’t sufficient.

First, to learn Digital Marketing, start with the most wanted fields of Digital marketing, every business is focusing on.

Most of the entrepreneurs who start learning Digital marketing, kick-start with SEO, i.e. Search Engine Optimisation. There are various techniques to optimise your content according to the search engines. But it is a well known fact that Digital marketing is that centre of web which ties all it fields. That is, every single part of it defines what it is.

The other components of Digital marketing include content writing and management, Social media marketing, E-mail marketing etc. The point is, you can choose any field you want to start with, but to become an entrepreneur or starting your own consultant organisation will need every aspects of each field. Learning Digital marketing concepts will be easy, the result will be based on how creatively you use those concepts to market or brand any type of service or product online.

To learn Digital marketing and it’s application, start with any good Digital marketing institute like School of Digital marketing, where you can actually interact with Digital marketing experts and get to learn from them, their ideas and their journey. So, your Digital marketing journey will start with a Digital marketing institute.

Now, to have your own Digital marketing business is an intimidating task, if you are just getting started with learning. Well, the first product of any business or company is it’s team. So you must have a good time with you which must include some experts. Digital marketing tools have brought in a huge amount of competition among the business, as well as a great deed of chances for their survival and growth.

You can start with  approaching small business enterprises in your locality, convincing them to see the outcomes with the power of Digital marketing. If you succeed in your first shot, it’s great, but even if you don’t succeed with first few clients, count it in as the learning phase of yours. Due to ever growing Digital media, the scope right now is tending to infinite, but so is the competition.

To conclude, learn via an institute, you can Kick-start a career with them as well, gain experience, make a team and then start planning for your business. If you are looking to make a career in digital marketing, our digital marketing course will surely help you in getting detailed knowledge which will land you in getting a very good job in digital marketing.

What does digital marketing manager do?
What does a Digital Marketing Manager do?

Everything that you see on the internet, may it be social media, websites of some company or enterprise or an advertisement that pops up on your mobile, is created, written and managed by a squad of individuals with different skill sets. A digital marketing manager is the person who works as a mediator, leader and collector of all these individual components, put them together to market anything digitally.

Simply putting, a Digital marketing manager is a portfolio who is superintendent of planning, executing and supervising a manoeuvre for promotion and branding of a service or product via digital platforms available and preferred. It is duty of a digital marketing manager to manage every piece that makes a digital marketing company, valued and known for its techniques of branding. A digital marketing manager is hence the module of a system which connects every dot to produce a channel of marketing.


The Proficient Veteran- Digital marketing manager post comes in with a lot of experience in every fields of digital marketing. Be it Search engine optimisation techniques, content marketing, E-mail marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing or publishing as well. Every aspect of pitching in a product or service of a company to the target audience is handled and decided by the Digital marketing manager and his advisers.

The communicator- It is duty of a digital marketing manager to communicate with clients, convince them the need of digital marketing along with suggesting ideas to clients on what ways their business, or vision of the company can be portrait to the audience.

The strategist- A digital marketing manager is the one behind the curtains who plans every strategy of the campaigning or promoting a business online.

The execution tracker- After planning and collection of relevant data and distribution of tasks, the digital marketing manager works as a execution tracker which checks whether the tasks are completed in time with accuracy and precision, and as per the requirement as well.

The optimiser- It is also a duty of digital marketing manager to take feedback and optimise the strategy according the synoptically concluded results.

The leader- Hence it is sure that a digital marketing manager must have a team spirit to manage the tasks as stated along with keeping the team together. It is more common in Digital marketing companies or a digital marketing division of a well-known company to have digital marketing manager contact directly to VP or COO of the company.

Therefore, to conclude if you have a business savvy mind and a good analyser of data and stats, along with creative ideas to portrait anything online or to a person, you can give a shot to start your career as a Digital marketer, which will gradually take you to the post of being a manager. It is your work what defines you.

If you are looking to make a career in digital marketing, our digital marketing course will surely help you in getting detailed knowledge which will land you in getting a very good job in digital marketing.

Why picking Digital Marketing can be a smart career move?

The youth and the servicemen are dicey about the fields or profession that should work in. People are discussing whether or not to have a career in digital marketing. When you look around yourself, everything has changed and is changing from ‘on paper’ to ‘online’, your finances, your relations and your opinions, in short your whole transactional life. This directly indicates the scope that career in digital marketing has.

Brands want to be where their target audience is, and hence they are finding professionals, youths and experts in the field of digital marketing. Around 40% of the population is on smartphones and hence digital is the new trend. Industries, businesses and enterprises are all seeking to be at the word of mouth of the public. And this isn’t a one time or a short period need, it is continuous. Digital marketing is the present and the future of commercialisation, promotion, trading and merchandise.

Choosing a career is not an easy task. Apart from your interest, you must seek the career which has a credible future. In today’s date, everything you want is on the internet. The consumer experience has henceforth changed. Businesses are using digital platforms as a base to portrait their brand and hence a career in digital marketing has a vast potential to drive your way to success.

The merit:

  • With trend, comes the need. And need of an expert in digital marketing is rapidly growing. The need definitely brings high and continuous income.
  • Digital marketing provides more accurate data than conventional marketing does, which is the most important asset to any company, in order to have fruitful future endeavours.
  • Having a career digital marketing gives freedom to think creatively, and a fast paced execution. Advertisements, branding and promotion are always a part of company whether they are low on the economy. This shows that digital marketing has a potential to low costs.
  • Digital marketing has a vast and versatile nature. There are a lot of career options that can be chosen in digital marketing, each having interconnected links that can boom the market with your product and services. Following are some most valuable digital marketing subjects; SEO, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, E-commerce, CRM, web design and development etc. When you look into them, each of them are the core of what you use daily.
  • In the world of digital marketing, each day brings new technology, new and exciting challenges and hence provides you infinite opportunities. It helps you change with the change. Hence it a career with long term aspects.

To conclude, there are different aspects that are needed to be considered before opting a career. Digital marketing brings you in demand, lucrative job opportunities and also lays a base to become an entrepreneur. Apart from this, you can start whenever you want, irrespective of your age, because it is more about how creatively you can brand something. A smart career move is the one that makes you happy while executing the work; you are the creator of your own destiny. We, School Of Digital Marketing is one of the trusted digital marketing training institute that has the roots all over the India including Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Bangalore, Delhi, Navi-Mumbai, Thane. We can be a great push to kick start your digital marketing career in broad spectrum.

If you are looking to make a career in digital marketing, our digital marketing course will surely help you in getting detailed knowledge which will land you in getting a very good job in digital marketing.

role-of-digital-marketing-companies 1
Role of Digital Marketing Companies

Since the coining of term ‘online’, advancements in the way to market things, products and services has been made, role of Digital marketing companies has come into the picture. Businessmen, service industries etc. are all competing toe-to-toe, in order to attract the audience that is caught in the web of internet.

Marketer and branding companies have had to adjust according to these changes. The traditional marketing is now past and Digital marketing companies have taken over the marketing world. The role of digital marketing companies consists of advertising and branding through:

Web site development and maintenance: Nowadays, almost all businesses rely on websites to generate potential leads, spread the message about their service or product to target audience.

Content management- Developing the website, domain purchase etc. along with updating the content with graphics, GUI, images in order to optimise the website for the audience along with making it catchy.

Content writing- Putting relevant, optimum and creative content with words is what makes your audience keep looking on your website. The role of Digital marketing companies hence is to also create content for their client. They must know what’s best for the client’s business.

Search engine optimisation: Search engines are used to search services relevant to yours, and the best possible method to reach to your target audience is to reach first. SEO is basically conversion of quantity and quality traffic to your website through organic search results.

Digital Advertisements: Digital marketing companies play a crucial role in using Internet technologies to promote and advertise products or services, via mobile banners, search engine ads etc.

Social Media Marketing: Almost 3 Billion people of the world are using social media. So, to promote something, you must be there where the population is. Digital marketing handle social media pages, or create one for their client, along with marketing their commodities on various platforms, using different methods.

E-mail marketing: E-mails are another part of digital advertisement, where a message regarding your utilities is broadcast to a bunch of target audience.

The role of Digital marketing companies is always expanding, due to upbringing of creative media and techniques to present things in front of an audience. Although, the terms and methods depend on whether a product or a service is needed to be marketed, the basic need by any enterprise is to reach where the consumer/ customer is spending most of his time.

A business or an industry hence relies totally upon the ways your Digital marketing company portraits their product or service. And the winner of this intense competition is the one who reaches the customer first, in a more attractive way. Increased Involvement of customer builds bonds with them.

How to Get a High Paying Digital Marketing Job?

Since the online media intervention, digital marketing has been a crucial career perspective to any technical as well as non-technical domain of work. Digital marketing emergence and evolution has changed the way of perceiving thing. High pay in digital marketing job for a person having a career in it is based on “What they do” irrespective of “How they do it”.

The highest paid jobs come with an enthusiasm to actually love what you do. Here are some fine jobs and applicable methodologies to approach to your customer digitally as well as directly to them, hence getting paid with high amounts:

SEO(Search Engine Optimization): It is a method of optimising your website for a search engine. It considers all the technicalities of your website and has been evolving since its emergence. Website owners are looking for different professionals who are expert in tackling the latest algorithms and apply it to get at the top of search rank. Raise in salary or high salaries definitely needs experience and knowledge about the current folks in the SEO field. Start from the opening fields as a fresher like SEO executive and pave your path to get where you want to be in the field..

UX(User experience): Many businesses fail to succeed in selling their product or services because of their lack on interests in UX or ignoring it as an industry buzzword. The ones who know the importance are giving good payments to establish best user’s online experience with their website or social media page.

PPC(Pay per Click): Pay-per-click or sometimes referred as cost per impression is aadvertising technique where the ad builder is paid every time his ad gets clicked. Companies are spending a lot on digital advertising rather than traditional ads on TV, newspaper and radio. Your ads must be adaptive, creative and calculative in order to get high payments from a client company and hence a structured pay in digital marketing job.

Data Analytics: Data Analytics has been the most emerging career opportunity of digital marketing and almost all websites have been linked to Google analytics for measuring their performance via graphs and statistical data. Hence you need to be an expert on Google analytics and statistical analysis as a whole. Machine learning algorithms have scaled up the level and the salary of Google analytics expert.

Other careers with a scope of good payments are:

Content strategist, Social media marketer, E-mail marketer, Project planner, E-commerce expert, Brand marketer and Digital media expert.

But, to conclude, Digital marketing has such a bigger scope that the best way to get paid is to have your own job, deal with your own client and work independently as your own company. Get expertise in the fields you want to work in, get flexible with who you are and what you want to work. Never stop yourself from learning the latest algorithm, technology or strategy the world is drifting on. Success, expertise and salary travels hand in hand in digital marketing career.

If you are looking to make a career in digital marketing, our digital marketing course will surely help you in getting detailed knowledge which will land you in getting a very good job in digital marketing.

Benefits of Having a Digital Marketing Career

The Demand:

The development in field of digital marketing has upgraded the perception of brands and business to use technology to portrait their products and services. It is now a known fact that no matter how great your idea, product or service is, it must be acknowledged by your customer and client in a satisfactory manner. Hence, Digital marketing career is at its peak for its requirement and will continue to be as the demand by companies is growing rapidly, day by day.

The key benefits are:

  1. The Hub of opportunities: Digital marketing is web of interlinked set of services or careers. So, you won’t have to limit yourself to a particular job, you can’t continue learn and apply while working on your current project.                                                              Also, since almost every other business and company needs to vend their services, you get to have a pool of options when you choose to have Digital Marketing Career.
  1. The Protean nature: The greatest perk of being a digital marketer is versatility. The job does not require you to sit all day long, and many experts work from home. Also, you can change your field with just a little training.
  2. Express what you got: You are free to express yourself while you write content, make a promotional video or an image. You are allowed to unleash the creative you in you.The optimisation technique, the content, the posts for social media all exclusive yours. Basically you work for yourself.
  3. The monetary benefits: As discussed, digital marketing is and will be in great demand, and stake owners are willing to pay huge salaries for SEO experts, content writers, copywriters and social media experts etc. to foster their products and services into the market.
  4. Evolve with the technology: The digital marketing industry is continuously evolving for the past decade and is expected to rise at higher pace. So, you get new things to learn and to follow doesn’t matters if you are taking leads on the topic or not. Any Career in Digital Marketing  will help you grow with the world, both personally and professionally.
  5. Toil up with new people daily: Hustle up with new people and new tasks frequently. You can also work from home as a freelancer. Your work will be acknowledged by various target audience and you can expand it with your own work. Your clients may or may not be fixed. Also, if you love what you do, you can have multiple tasks lined up to complete. You won’t restrict yourself to a particular firm.

Benefits can’t be fully expressed in words. Your choice of career and the benefits will depend on what you seek from it. If you desire to have a Digital marketing career, from interactive technology, e-commerce to SEO and analytics, each profession will definitely help you build your own skills and grow with the paradigm shift of this world.

If you are looking to make a career in digital marketing, our digital marketing course will surely help you in getting detailed knowledge which will land you in getting a very good job in digital marketing.

Digital Business-vs-Digital-Marketing
Difference Between Digital Business and Digital Marketing

The emergence of Information technology has changed the baseline, infrastructure and the operation of businesses across the world, no matter if it is an enterprise or individual. Digital business can be defined as a creation of new and innovative business plans and designs by bridging the gap between virtual platforms and physical world.

Whereas Digital marketing, is an advertisement technique, delivered to the audience via social media, search engines, digital advertisements and applications. Marketing is all about connecting your audience to your brand, product or services, and to do that, you will have to go to the place where your audience actually resides, the internet.

So, putting forth in simple words, Digital business is way to ‘do’ business using digital technologies and relevant platforms, while Digital marketing is to provide your audience, the best taste of what your services will be like, via the internet and mobile technology.

Digital business is meant for interaction and negotiation between business and things. It is now a known fact that things will start acting like an agent themselves and will change the view of perception of business in its opportunities. The way technology is growing has added several values in business models, customer experiences and internal capabilities of a business. The best example is the cab companies, using smartphones, GPS and internet to come up with a disruptive and innovative business model, replacing traditional ways of using luxury transport like taxis and Autos.

Digital marketing is meant for interaction between your target audience and your brand. Emergence of AI has really built a huge scope in digital marketing because of content automation. The cab company’s advertisements you see while surfing the internet (YouTube, social media, other applications or web pages) or through search engines (SEO, SEM) is digital marketing solutions in business.

Doing some departmental work digitally is not Digital business. It is obtained when the managers make a plan solely based on technology and internet. Hence we call it DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION, which is use of DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES in order to INTEGRATE or CONVERGENCE OF plans and strategies towards digital work space and economy in order to produce HOLISTIC BUSINESS OPTIMISATION techniques.

Digital marketing is pool of tools, applications and platforms to hyper efficiently conduct campaigns to create awareness about brand in order to achieve the market bar set by the team. The tools are encompassed and facilitated by internet in order to have real time interaction with target audience. SEOs, SEMs, social media, marketing through content, copy-writing, Ad-words, PPCs etc. are the implementation techniques of digital marketing.

If you are looking to make a career in digital marketing, our digital marketing course will surely help you in getting detailed knowledge.

Tremendous Opportunities in Digital Marketing

The developing technology is building doors for almost all the sectors of careers. The career opportunities in Digital Marketing are an output of the requirement of competing enterprises, companies and individuals who want to portrait themselves digitally in the best and more influencing way as possible, in order to reach the maximum audience. You don’t have to find the opportunities in digital marketing, if you have the skill set or the will to learn them, opportunities will find you. This is how much the digital platforms have changed the world of marketing and advertising.

The demand of people having knowledge in ways to market services, products and brands online is on rise, in India and across the globe, be it Manhattan or UAE. The biggest opportunities in Digital marketing in various sectors are:

1) SEO

Posts: Executive, manager

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing (SEM) is a well versed concept which has been followed around with processes that makes websites easily visible when searched through search engines like Google. Along with Pay per click, the whole Search engine has increased profits up to 40% in many trending brands in the world. Hence the demand for new techniques, along with high salaries and pay raises in many companies provide you a pool of opportunities in digital marketing.

2) Digital marketing manager

The work of Digital marketing manager is the deciding factor of where marketing, advertising and the position in the race in successful marketing goes. They are in huge demand as they are responsible to bring the digital marketing team towards one single goal, amalgamate or combine different fields of work, improving the efficiency, and they directly report to Vice president of the company.

3) Social media marketing

Posts: executive, specialist, manager

The website traffic can be gained through social media platform; this is the basic concept of social media marketing. Latest research says that almost half of the customer engagement is done through social media sites, accounts and posts. Running paid promotions isn’t an easy task, and every day the experts and youth are coming up with new tasks, new ways and opportunities in digital marketing on social media, to bring in influential marketing on sites like Facebook, Instagram etc.

4) Content marketing

Posts: executive, writer, manager

There are different forms of platforms where content is needed to be managed like blogs, websites, sales page etc. And there are many portfolios in this field like video marketing specialist, copywriter, email communicator, drip marketer etc. This brings a tremendous set of opportunities in digital marketing.

5) Data analytics expert

The demand of data scientists is the highest among all the careers. Companies need to find the growth rate, the areas where they should work on, the target audience that they should focus and many more. Data analytics is more trending because of the trending buzzwords like machine learning. Industries need to automated sectors in their respective fields.


Hence to conclude, there is a swarm of opportunities when it comes to building a career in digital marketing. Big opportunities come with high salaries, more exploration, high demand and high choices as well. Digital marketing is needed by everyone; every industry and every individual, which sums up the different aspects of having a digital marketing career.

If you are looking to make a career in digital marketing, our digital marketing course will surely help you in getting detailed knowledge which will land you in getting a very good job in digital marketing.

How Good is a Career in Digital Marketing?

In Demand-The measurement of ‘goodness’ of a career can be divided into three simple terms, the scope of career, the monetary lucrative and the amount of time you need to spend on the work. A career in digital marketing requires promoting brands through various forms of digital media, algorithms and techniques. The dynamic drift of companies to find professionals and young talents interested to have a career in digital marketing and the fallout of conventional marketing is because the enterprise needs to quickly adapt the latest technology, new strategies and optimum practices to portrait themselves as a trending brand. Digital marketing has a wide band of careers and skills which differ from employer to employer as well.

Be Picky with the company you wantAnother perk of having a career in digital marketing is the time required to achieve goals. From SEO to copy writing, you can work as a part timer as well. Also you get to choose the employer you want to work with, as the array of opportunities is wide.

High salaries As discussed, high demands for a person with skill set as digital marketer is highly required. This directly relates to you being a commodity you work for and you can negotiate with the amount you want to be paid for your work. The salary will depend on your skills, but the experience and advancements in your strategies and techniques will bring hike earlier than your peers.

Own your digital marketing company- Digital marketing will put through a journey where you can study and understand the trending and most applicable and important fields of branding a service or a commodity. Hence, you will be able to kick-start your own startup. You will than get an exposure to connect directly what your client wants and huge benefits are assured. You can than create a network of people working as a digital marketer in specific fields and build yourself as a company.

Other than monetary benefits, self-employ-ability, exposure to your own creativity, having a career in digital marketing composes you to look around and focus about the latest ‘things’ that are changing the world. The experience in digital marketing is not measured by the time span you have worked, but your ability to acknowledge, adapt and develop with the upcoming strategies and practices to have best brand management and its marketing.

There are around 4.7 billion mobile users in the world and 500 million mobile users in India. Nowadays, the conventional marketing, branding and commercialisation through televisions and newspapers are fading. People are shifting to buy or experience what they see online on their mobiles and laptops. To conclude, the goodness in any field as a digital marketing will based on your interest, your work and  potential to learn and develop yourself as an individual. Digital marketing is definitely, the future of the marketing universe, and will continue to evolve with emergence of artificial intelligence.

So, if you re thinking Which is the best place to learn digital marketing courses in mumbai, look no further and step into our institute at your city. Being one of the best digital marketing institute in mumbai, pune, nashik & nagpur School of Digital Marketing holds the best placement record in some of the top companies.