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BookMyShow Revenue Model 2023

BookMyShow Revenue Model 2023

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Book my show Revenue model

BookMyShow is one of India’s top five websites in terms of transactions, with sales of over 9,50,000 tickets and customer spending of over Rs 100 million, on average, every month. BookMyShow has a multi-door revenue model.  BookMyShow Is the main Volume of movie ticket sales.

BookMyShow is a popular online ticketing platform that allows users to book movie tickets, event tickets, and other entertainment shows. Here are some details about BookMyShow’s revenue model as of 2023:

BookMyShow is a well-known platform in India for booking movie tickets, event tickets, and other entertainment-related services. As a business in the entertainment industry, BookMyShow can significantly benefit from digital marketing to promote its services and reach a broader audience.

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Here is the possible scenario:

  • BookMyShow deals with PVR/INOX, each ticket booked they take for local multiplexes/cinemas/theatres they charge as these theatres don’t have such a strong online presence or subscriber base.
  • BookMyShow doesn’t charge anything for tickets of multiplexes like INOX/PVR for the time being, as they are just consolidating their user base and that was the only way these big multiplexes will work with BookMyShow.
  • As the user base keeps on growing and becoming more loyal to BookMyShow ie. BookMyShow becomes the go-to service for ticket booking they may start collecting a service fee from these multiplexes for each transaction.

BookMyShow has a multi-door revenue model, a Few of them as below:

Commission on ticket sales:

BookMyShow earns a commission on every ticket sold through its platform. The commission rates vary depending on the type of event, venue, and location.

Convenience fees:

BookMyShow charges a convenience fee from customers for booking tickets online. This fee is a percentage of the ticket price and covers the cost of using the platform.

Advertising revenue:

BookMyShow generates revenue by advertising products and services on its platform. Advertisers pay BookMyShow to display their ads to its large user base.

Corporate bookings:

BookMyShow offers corporate booking services for companies, which include group bookings, bulk ticket purchases, and event management services. BookMyShow earns revenue from the service fees charged for these services.

Partnership revenue:

BookMyShow partners with various event organizers, movie theatres, and sports teams to sell their tickets. In return, BookMyShow earns a percentage of the ticket sales revenue generated through its platform.

Subscription revenue:

BookMyShow offers a subscription service called “BookMyShow Superstar” that provides benefits like zero convenience fees, early access to tickets, and other exclusive offers. Users pay a subscription fee for this service, which adds to the company’s revenue.

Value-added services:

BookMyShow offers value-added services like seat selection, food and beverage orders, and merchandise sales. The company earns revenue from these services.

Partnership revenue:

BookMyShow partners with various event organizers, movie theatres, and sports teams to sell their tickets. In return, BookMyShow earns a percentage of the ticket sales revenue generated through its platform.

In-app purchases:

BookMyShow also offers in-app purchases like gift cards, which users can buy and use to book tickets and other services on the platform.

Data analytics:

BookMyShow collects user data and uses it to provide insights and analytics to event organizers and brands. This service generates revenue for the company.

Overall, BookMyShow’s revenue model is based on earning a commission on ticket sales, charging convenience fees, and offering value-added services to customers. The company also earns revenue from advertising, corporate bookings, partnerships, and subscription services.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q1)What is the business model of

The business model of Book my show is primarily based on the listing fees that are charged to every seller. They charge sellers Rs 20 per book listing and Rs 10 per additional book listing to make money from their services.

Q2) How Book My Show earns money?

Book My Show has been able to earn revenue by offering these services to their customers at a low cost. The company has also been successful in providing discounts and cashback to users who book tickets on the website or app.

Q3) What is the commission that Book My Show gets on booking a movie ticket?

Book My Show gets a commission on every movie ticket booked through its platform. This commission is generated from the number of tickets sold, which means it is paid even if a person doesn’t buy a ticket.

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