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What is AB Testing in Digital Marketing? ( updated 2022 )

By Rohit Shelwante

What is AB Testing in Digital Marketing?

Table of Contents

What is AB Testing in Digital Marketing? ( updated 2022 )

By Rohit Shelwante

Updated on: Aug,29,2022

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Table of Contents

Imagine yourself in a dark room. What is it that you need to see? It’s light right?

AB testing (alpha-beta testing), also known as split testing is the light in the dark world of Digital marketing. The basic perspective of the AB algorithm test is to remove the guesswork of the executive in a digital marketing campaigning, may it be a web page or any other lead.

AB testing brings the basic model of science into marketing, providing you with fascinating results based on real time test. It is based on running several tests, gathering the result data and using it to provide data backed results.

So how does it work?

The basic idea is to split the model into two versions, may it be a webpage, an email, a social media profile or any other assets of digital marketing or maybe an element. Now, the first version and second version may differ on the required aspect of test, like the GUI of a web page. So the two versions are split among the users. Half of the population uses version 1 and the second half version 2.

Now, this is the most crucial part. You have to define the parameters of metrics and different aspects according to your business campaign, which are to be calculated. Based on the numbers, a decision is made concluding which version is better. The decision, for example, maybe based on conversion rate or time spent on the web page or click through rates.

It works like this- study, observe, create a hypothesis, test, analyse and conclude, take feedback, re-run if necessary.

In this way, you get to know the every minor detail that can change the outcome of your campaign.

Key points, which are sometimes not taken care of are the duration of running of your test, and minimum and threshold values of user data required. Remember that volume and duration of test can be inter-relate. Also, the good practise is, you run tests time after time, in order to fine tune your content on web page, newsletter or an email creatively and basically what your audience wants to see.

Why use it? 

I think it is already clear why to use AB testing. But still, here are some facts. The most widespread use of AB test was done a decade ago by Google, and they were successful in penetrating the right market and with right content. Also, the ROI in any campaign of Digital marketing, which includes AB testing, can be in great numbers.

Coming back, do you know what Google Ads was firstly designed for?

It was AB testing only. It was later reformed to give you much functionality, but still, minor changes on your ad or campaign can be made and Google analytics can be used to see the result of changes.

You can use AB testing basically anywhere on Digital platform. Websites, Newsletters and Emails, Ads, Applications, Internet ads, Headlines, Links, Images and many more. 


AB testing is basically using the ones whom you want to sell, to check what and why they will buy. This has been a revolutionary measure, showing how small variations can make a big difference. Now you know what convinces your audience! You can start learning more about what convinces your audience to convert.

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