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Is It Good To Do Digital Marketing Course After MBA? [Updated July 2022]

By Rohit Shelwante


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career opportunities. In the digital world, marketing has changed for the better with the build-up Internet population in India, and the increasing frequency of digital India has added the flame to this fire.

The condition in the Indian economy makes Digital Marketing a successful career after the professionals of MBA and Marketing. As you know Government of India is also boosting the Digital world in the form of Government schemes like Digital India. There are so many projects of Government which is promoting Digital Marketing in India. Here is our guide on Why every MBA Graduate should learn Digital Marketing

We also have our Classroom Training in the Pune & Mumbai locations. Here is a link for the Digital Marketing Institute in PCMC and the Digital Marketing Institute in Navi Mumbai.

After completing an MBA still many students were struggling to get placed in top companies, some were not placed in any of the companies and were concerned about the future

Here Digital Marketing creates a golden path for MBA graduates who are intense about marketing and talented in strategies.

Check out our ultimate guide on Why Picking Digital Marketing can be a Smart Career Move. [Updated July 2024] 

Digital marketing courses in pune

  • Advantages of Digital Marketing for Freshers:

    • No Specific Background Required
    • High Demand
    • Handsome Salary
    • Short-Term Training Courses
    • You Can Explore Different Sectors
    • Work with Ad Agencies
    • Freelance Job Opportunities

    Increased pay, clients shelling out more revenues and diverse working profiles are some of the many benefits of a digital marketing career in India.

    Is Learning Digital Marketing Simple?

    • As Digital Marketing is a 100% non-technical course, it can be easily understood and trained. The only necessary you need is Internet knowledge to follow any of the digital marketing courses after an MBA.
    • The Digital Marketing Course includes much more science, analysis and marketing, which is the reason why an MBA can, without a doubt; run any marketing strategy in a more effective, automated growth.

    What are the Job Opportunities after Digital Marketing? BE FUTURE READY..!!

    • Digital Marketing Helps You to Work as a Freelancer or Businessman.
    • When you learn Digital Marketing, you can start your own company in particular or you can work as an advisor – optimizing the online presence of companies.
    • In addition, you can also start a blog and enjoy convenience through Ads. There are also other options, as you can launch a site like advertising OR make money by affiliate marketing by selling coupons of sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc


      It is suggested to do a Digital Marketing course after completing an MBA and must be clear in selecting the institute before joining in that Institute, make sure that the Institute provides 100% placement assistance or not because it’s the responsibility of the institute to provide proper instruction that they should make their students get placed in a company.

      And that’s it!

      We hope you liked our article on Is it good to do a Digital Marketing course after an MBA

      Many Institutes are not providing proper placement assistance to their students, so be careful in choosing your life-changing Institute.

      By enrolling in Premium School of Digital Marketing’s Digital Marketing Training Program and successfully completing a reputable, well-rounded digital marketing course in Puneyou will enhance your chances of landing the digital marketing job of your dreams exponentially.

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