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By Rohit Shelwante

How much do Google Ads experts make in 2024

Updated on: Sep 20, 2023

how much do google ads experts make.

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When a business wants to promote its offering online, Google Ads is a must. Using Google Ads, you can reach people searching and people browsing. According to Stat Counter, Google has over 90% share of search worldwide, and with display ads, Google says you can reach over 90% of internet users.

But not every company has the internal knowledge and experience needed to run effective advertising campaigns with Google Ads. So, where do they go? Well, working with a Google Ads Specialist is a great option. They’re experts who help manage ad campaigns.

Whether you’re looking to work with a Google Ads Specialist, or you want to become a specialist yourself, you’re in the right place. Let’s take a look at what’s involved in becoming a Google Ads Specialist.

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What do Google Ads Specialists do?

In terms of managing a Google Ads Account, a Google Ads Specialist performs a range of tasks, including:

1 Checking the current performance of Google Ads:

A Google Ads Specialist needs to price how the ads perform to determine what is working and what is not working. They do this by checking several metrics, including impressions, clicks, conversion, conversion rate, cost, and click-through rate.

2 Reviewing Google Ads targeting: 

Targeting is necessary because it helps focus the delivery of ads to the ideal customer or prospect. Some of the targeting options a Google Ads expert will review include location and device targeting for campaigns, along with demographics, in-market, and remarketing audiences.

3 Launching new campaigns:

  A Google Ads Specialist will review existing keywords and research new keywords. When new keywords arrange in a line with advertising objectives, they will create and launch new ad groups or campaigns. And apart from search campaigns, they might also create display, video, shopping, and other types of campaigns.

4 campaigns:

Google Ads Specialists are in charge of managing campaigns and optimizing them to achieve the best possible results. This includes adding negative keywords, adjusting targeting, modifying bids, and more.

5 Provide recommendations:

Apart from managing ads and campaigns in Google Ads, a specialist can also provide recommendations to improve landing pages and website performance. This is especially important for campaigns designed to drive conversions since most conversions happen on a company’s website.

6 Reporting:

Other functions that Google Ads Specialists perform on a day to day basis include:

A Google Ads Specialist will monitor a campaign and share appropriate performance reports. This might be weekly or monthly, depending on the campaign and account being managed. This lets a client compare campaign performance against set KPIs and objectives.

Choosing keyword match types and reviewing search queries

Comparing performance to key competitors

Creating appropriate ad extensions

Manage bidding strategies and adjust campaign settings

Selecting bid adjustments to maximize performance

Creating and testing new ad variations

Making changes to improve the account’s performance

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job titles for Google Ad Words specialist

Companies that hire Google Ads specialists to offer various job titles depending on the job description, and skill set. Let us try to understand in detail the top key 15 job titles for Google Ads Specialist,

1. Google PPC experts

 Entrusted with the responsibility to help with Ad Words that earn the highest pay per click via the organic traffic. They need to power the target audience in focusing on the campaigns which help in achieving more PPCs.

2. PPC Experts

Sometimes companies recruit PPC experts who are expected to be experts with Google AdWords along with other search engines. They need to be educated on the concept of PPC and how it can be leveraged for gaining traffic.

3. Google Ads Manager

Responsible for organizing a team of Google AdWords SEO specialists ensuring successful execution of projects and programs related to campaign management. The person coordinates in creating the leads and ensuring revenue generation through appropriate strategies and pay-per-click.

4. Google Ads Advisor

Helps with strategizing the plans and actions on AdWords management. Provides advisory services in suggesting the techniques to be adopted for launching campaigns, targeting potential audiences to gain leads, and generating revenue.

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5. Google AdWords Specialists

An experienced professional entrusted to leverage the advanced tools and techniques to bring in innovativeness in the google AdWords campaigns and traffic generation. They are expected to provide recommendations to a company’s management in improvising the lead and revenue creation methodologies.

6. Google Ads Analysts

Provides insight into the latest emerging trends, techniques, and best practices for building up a robust marketing campaign. They are specialized professionals with expertise in creating maximum revenue with minimum investment.

7. Google Ads Executive

The role can be assigned to an entry-level, middle-level, or even senior-level Google Ads Executive. The salary ranges will vary depending on the skill set and years of experience.

8. Google AdWords Expert

Similar functions of that of a specialist but with experience of working with 3 to 4 customers in multiple industry domains. Brings in innovations, best practices, and even advanced tools and technologies for faster results.

9. Google Digital Marketing Expert

Expertise in digital marketing for ranking higher in google search engine algorithms thus experiencing a rise in organic traffic and revenue. Knowledge of keywords pays per click, CTR, and other Google AdWords concepts. Must possess experience of working with 3 to 4 customers.

10. Google Advertising Expert

Expert in devising strategies for advertising and campaigns that are innovative and result in revenue generation via Google ads. Must be updated with the new Google algorithms and SEO techniques for aligning the advertisement strategies accordingly.

11. SEO Specialist

Experienced and knowledgeable on the various SEO techniques, methods, and best practices along with the google search engine algorithms. Proficient in researching and searching keywords best fit for generating clicks and traffic.

12. Marketing Managers

Instead of specific Google AdWords managers, companies sometimes hire professionals capable of overseeing a team entrusted in traffic generation across various search engines. They are expected to be proficient in managing and coordinating various marketing and SEO activities.

13. Head, SEO Marketing

Similar to the role of a Google AdWords manager, focused on SEO marketing. Guides and monitors a team of SEO specialists driving traffic and revenue via keyword research. Encourages the use of tools and techniques for generating appropriate keywords that can help to earn money through clicks.

14. Director for Marketing

A person in charge of the Marketing department of a business unit and reporting to the Chief Marketing Officer. He or she ensures the department meets its objectives within the specified deadline. A director has a team of Google ads managers working under them, along with other marketing officers. The rank is a potential role to achieve for Google AdWords experts.

15. Chief Marketing Officer

A person can rise to the rank of a Chief Marketing Officer after gaining substantial experience in handling Google AdWords campaigns, creating traffic for the company’s website, other sales generation techniques, and managing teams or departments.

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Google Ads Specialist Salary in India for All Roles

Wonder what the salary of Google ads specialist salary is like in India? There are plenty of Google ads specialist jobs that provide Google ads specialist salary per hour. Let’s have a look at some of the Google ads specialist salaries in India for all job roles –

Facebook ads specialist salary

The average salary of a Facebook ads specialist is about INR 25,000 per month in India. This job role entails specialization only in Facebook ads.

Certified Google ads specialist salary

The average salary for an employee holding a Google ads specialist certification is 4,50,000 INR per annum.

Junior Google ads specialist salary

The average salary of a Facebook ads specialist is about INR 25,000 per month in India.

Senior Google ads specialist salary in India

The salary of a Google Ads specialist in a senior, managerial role is about 11,32,000 per annum.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I become a Google ads specialist?

  • Ans: If you want to become a Google Ads specialist through the following steps-
  • Apply your skills practically
  • Learn how Google Ads actually work
  • Choose a Google Ads certification
  • Prepare for it and get certified
  • Stay up-to-date with any changes in Google Ads

2) What is the highest salary for Google ads specialists in India?
Ans: The highest salary for a Google ads specialist in India is around $200,000. This figure varies depending on the experience and skill set of the individual. Some companies pay up to $300,000 for certain skillsets like content writing.

3) Is getting Google ad certified worth it?
Ans: Google ad certification is not just about landing more clicks and better ad rank. It is also about having a good quality of ads to create higher conversion rates.
Ad certifications are heavily scrutinized by advertisers in the digital marketing field. If you are convinced that you will be able to generate higher conversions when being certified, then it is worth it for your bottom line.


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