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How Much Can a Fresher Earn in Digital Marketing? [Ultimate Guide 2024]

By Rohit Shelwante

Updated on: Feb 14, 2023

How Much Can a Fresher Earn in Digital Marketing? [Ultimate Guide 2023]

Table of Contents

Today’s Modern Digital Marketers should constantly sharpen their skill sets. A Google trend shows the growth of key terms: Digital marketing. In the last 2 years, it has skyrocketed similarly the term social media has equally hiked. Today Digital marketing requires a lot of digital skills than how it was a few years back.

Before getting into the various job profiles and the Digital Marketing jobs salary posted by Glassdoor, PayScale, and Indeed, let’s take a brief look at what Digital Marketing is.

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What is Digital Marketing?

  • Digital marketing, also known as Internet Marketing, refers to the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the Internet.
  • This includes not only email, social media, and web-based advertising, but also text and multimedia messages as a marketing channel.
  • Essentially, if a marketing campaign involves digital communication, it’s digital marketing.





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Search Engine Optimization Specialist Salary

An entry-level digital marketing salary for a Search Engine Optimization Specialist with less than 1-year experience is an average of ₹1,76,578 per annum in India. A Search Engine Optimization Specialist with less than 4 years of experience earns an average of ₹234,460 in India. Search Engine Optimization Specialists with 5-9 years of experience can expect an average of ₹4,58,532 in India.

Digital Marketing Fresher

Freshers are those who have completed their education and have just come out of their cocoon ready to apply for jobs and take a step toward their first career goal. Digital Marketing freshers are professionals looking to start a career in Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Fresher Skills

Some of the skills you need to acquire before stepping out as a Digital Marketing fresher are as follows:

  • Editing and writing skills
  • Skills in SEO and SEM
  • Basic understanding of email marketing and social media marketing
  • Knowledge of CRM

Average Digital Marketing Fresher Salary

The Digital Marketing salary for freshers is comparatively less than the other roles. This is due to a lack of knowledge and experience. However, once you gain enough skills and working experience, you will be able to climb up the ladder and earn higher salaries in no time.

Social Media Marketing Specialist

If you’re a social media fanatic, now is the time to make money out of it. Social Media Marketing Specialists design and execute a complete social media strategy for a company. Just like an individual uses social media to portray the best version of themselves, brands today are hiring experts to get them at the top of their social media game.

As a Social Media Marketing Specialist, you have to maintain positive engagement and quality content (paid or organic) across all social media platforms.

Social Media Analyst/Executive Job Role & Skills

  • Social Media Executives must curate relevant & engaging content to reach the target audience.
  • Design, create and execute campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Social Media Analyst is the face of the organization on Social Media Platforms.
  • The job involves engaging in dialogues & answering queries when required.
  • Implementation of a proactive strategy for capturing customer online reviews and ratings.
  • Monitor trends in Social Media tools, applications, channels, design, and strategy.

Social Media Marketing Specialist Salary

An entry-level digital marketing salary for a Social Media Marketing Specialist with less than 1 of year experience can expect to earn an average of ₹2,52,444 in India

A Social Media Marketing Specialist with less than 4 years of experience can earn an average of ₹3,40,924. And those with 5-9 years of experience can expect an average of ₹6,85,923 per annum based in India.






Digital Marketing Certification Course is one that has the highest payout for a fresher. It will depend on your level of knowledge and how much improvement you can provide for your clients. If you have any ambitions on reaching the big leagues, you better have some tricks on your sleeve. Premium School of Digital Marketing Provides Best Digital Marketing Courses in Pune.

A career in digital marketing can look very glamorous and intriguing. Digital Marketing is the need of the present and the future and the demand for digital marketers will only grow with time. That is why it is important to know how you can build your own path and start a successful career in digital marketing.

By enrolling in Premium School of Digital Marketing’s Digital Marketing Training Program and successfully completing a reputable, well-rounded Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai, you will enhance your chances of landing the digital marketing job of your dreams exponentially.

Grab the chance & ensure a fruitful digital marketing career. Best of luck!

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