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By Rohit Shelwante

Do Digital Marketing Jobs Involve Meeting Targets? ( Updated 2022 )

Updated on: Sep 27, 2023

Table of Contents

Digital Marketing Jobs do not have Sales Targets…but they do have Goals!


This question is routinely raised by students at our Premium School of Digital Marketing 

There is a common (mis)conception among many young students that Digital Marketing involves targets. And many are uncomfortable with this.

The word ‘Target’ does have the capacity to drive stress levels up for many. But that is merely a matter of perspective, as we shall see. 

For now, suffice to say that digital marketing job—indeed any ‘marketing’ role—doesn’t involve meeting sales targets. 

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We specify ‘sales’ targets because this is what students and freshers have in mind. This is because they often confuse Sales with Marketing. Sales are about meeting topliner targets; that is how businesses become viable. Marketing is more about enabling Sales to meet those targets, rather than going out and selling. 

Digital Marketing is no different. However, the onus for meeting those targets is on a different team within the Digital Marketing framework.

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But, while you may not have to meet sales targets, you do have goals to meet. Here are the only goals you need to concern yourself about:

Goal No. 1. Increase Revenue

Now, this may sound like a contradiction, given that we just said Digital Marketing doesn’t have Sales Target; however, we’re talking of growing your client’s ability to improve their top line here. And as a marketeer—digital or otherwise—this is the prime reason for your engagement. Of course, you don’t need to go knocking on doors and ringing bells. If you’ve been through any Course on Digital Marketing Fundamentals, the tools to achieving sales are all familiar to you. How intelligently you use them will determine the level of engagement you will garner from your audience and, thus, sales. For instance, by beefing up SEO efforts and combining them with pay-per-click you will score winning bids at the best possible price.

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Goal #2

 Connect with your audience

Digital media platforms are made for communication. So boosting traffic, building engagement, gathering likes, comments, shares, etc. all help you boost brand recall and drive your audience towards the actions you want them to take. To learn how to create communications—posts, blogs, et al. that engage your audience and get them to interact with you. It’s the first step in building a strong digital brand and generating a customer base.

Goal #3

Save on Costs

To be an effective digital marketeer, you must be able to generate the maximum ROI and that means being able to drive up page rank, improve conversion rate optimization, lower customer acquisition cost, etc. This means you have to get a handle on the creative aspects of digital marketing too, even if you don’t do it yourself. This includes creating desirable content and marketing it effectively, using organic posts to drive engagement, and your SERPs, etc. All of these actions help you keep your costs down while meeting your digital marketing goals. And  Digital Marketing Training gives you that confidence to achieve those marketing goals.

Goal #4

Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost

We’re back to money-talk. But once again is not about going out and bagging the sale, but making it possible to do it most cost-effectively. One of the main challenges you will face as a digital marketeer is attracting and converting new customers. In a digital marketplace where potential customers are swamped by the sheer volume of content, product choices, discounts, and offers, you need to balance customer acquisition with your budget. 



In the end, digital marketing is not a sales career, so if meeting sales targets gets your anxiety levels up, you can breathe easily. But you do have goals to meet, and those goals help your sales team go out and meet their targets. A strong Course in Digital Marketing will help you to gain the confidence and all the tools and techniques you need to meet your clients’ goals—and your own career goals.

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