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By Rohit Shelwante

Digital Skills: What Top Agencies Look for When Hiring in 2024?

Updated on: Sep 20, 2023

Table of Contents

Tech companies, and certainly all organizations in the digital economy, are realize understand that digital skills are very important for employees in the digital epoch. It is more important than ever that new employees are cross-disciplined and have both hard and soft skills.  Anything the exact job you are interviewing for, recruiters will be looking out for a wider skill set and broader experience in their new hires.

Today’s technology-driven economy demands marketers and entrepreneurs to learn about digital marketing.Digital Marketing is a a career that combines traditional marketing, web design, SEO, social media marketing, content writing, and much more, so the traits required to succeed are many and varied.

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Search Engine Optimization

One of the primary challenges you’ll face as a digital marketer is getting people to visit your company’s website. You can crack this issue via search engine optimization (SEO), the practice of optimizing your content or website to rank near the top of search engines like Google and YouTube for search queries relevant to your product or business—and getting more high-quality website visitors as a result. It has become a fastener of modern digital marketing because it’s hands down one of the best ways to make brand awareness as well as sustainable, long-term demand for your product. . SEO experts know how to distinguish which search queries are important to their buyers and understand how to create content that will rank at or near the top of a search engine for key search terms. Skill content is only half the fight, however. You also have to understand the technical side of SEO, such as how to structure a webpage and what to put in the URL.

  Social Media Advertising

Social advertising is huge right now, and this trend is not expected to go away anytime soon. We’re not just talking about a few posts on Facebook – companies are going to be looking for people with an established track confirmation of effective ad campaigns on a range of popular platforms. They’ll also want people who know about paid social media advertising in particular.  It’s no longer enough to just “like” a page to grow it – you’ll have to put some elbow grease into creating original ads for Facebook, Instagram or wherever your target audience resides. This will continue to be a key structure of digital marketing strategy because it’s a low-cost and fairly simple way of building brand awareness.

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  Digital Marketing Managers

Those attractive in management roles in particular need to have some hard business and leadership skills under their belt. They must be great communicators, facilitators as well as motivators. They should understand what it takes to build successful relationships with generations as well as partners and clients.

Managers and anybody taking a leadership role must also have a strong authority of business strategy. They must be able to set clear goals and work efficiently, as well as be involved in business activities such as using analytics to calculate

Content Strategies and Management

Content marketing is big these days – and while, for many positions, the ability to tell a good story is a must, we’re not just talking about copywriting. It must be modified and exactly targeted both in the B2B and B2C realms.

Video and audio making, whitepapers, social media, info graphics, illustrators – the biggest companies will not only be looking for people who have a handle on multimedia content but also understand how to manage particular types of content and get it to the right audiences.

The heart of digital marketing is generating content that will pull a company’s target audience to the brand. The aim should not only be to create high-quality content and SEO-friendly content, but also to understand the process of how to effectively get audiences to engage. It is recommended to make “creating evergreen content” a part of the goal. This means that if a customer finds the content a day later or years later, the information will still be relevant to their needs

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Communications and Teamwork

The most effective managers and team members out there aren’t automatically great because of a particular set of skills, but because of their ability to work with others of different backgrounds. It’s important that smooth communication and management takes place between people in agencies working on major projects.

Knowing a little bit about a few different areas will help you make sure that communication is clear and consistent, whether you’re a manager or not. No one works alone in this field .So there needs to be a focus on teamwork all the way during your career-building path.

Data Analysis

The best digital marketers are obsessed with data and track their performance the way best competitors track their stat lines.

Data analysis is the number one to every other digital marketing skill set because it enables you to objectively calculate your impact. You can see exactly how many people are engaging with your websites, email marketing campaigns, social media posts, digital ads—you name it. And you can come into how they’re reacting and interacting, which will inform your strategy the next time around.

As a digital marketer, you should see your world in terms of data and be able to use that data to find new growth opportunities for your business. For example, you might use Google Analytics to find a highly-trafficked blog post that should convert visitors to leads but is missing a compelling call to action and decide to A/B test a few options to see which drives the best outcome.

Creative Leadership & Design Skills

Marketing has always been about communication, and in today’s more and more competitive site, companies will be looking to hire creative leaders and design professionals with a proven track record of using original visuals as a part of successful sales strategies.

If you have a background in coding or design, you’ll have a leg up on the whole thing, since much strategy is going to be based on how to boost SEO, a part of which is checked through the back end of a website.

The best creative’s will have hard technical skills in key design software programs such as Photoshop. And on the more technical side, web designers need to have a good hold off on basic programs such as WordPress as well as programming languages like HTML and CSS..

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the use of content to attract and retain customers. It is a form of marketing that uses digital channels to create, publish, promote and distribute content in order to acquire new customers.

Content marketing can be used as a tool for lead generation, customer service, brand awareness and customer retention

It can also be used as a way to build trust with potential customers by providing them with useful information about the company’s products or services.

The goal of content marketing is to create something that people find valuable and are willing to share with others.

A successful content strategy should have an objective or goal in mind like increasing sales, generating leads or improving customer service etc., and it should include relevant keywords so it will rank higher on search engine results pages (SERP)

How to Develop Your Own Digital Skillset to Match the Needs of the Market?

Digital skillsets are in demand and this is the reason why many people are interested in developing their own digital skillset. This article will provide you with some tips on how to develop your own digital skillset to match the needs of the market.

To start with, it is important to understand that there are various types of digital skillsets that you can develop. These include coding, data science, design and content creation, marketing, etc. Once you have identified what type of digital skill you want to develop, it is important that you find a way to practice this skill on a regular basis. This can be done by enrolling in courses or workshops or by finding a mentor who can help you with your learning process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)What do employers look for in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a fast-growing field that can be difficult to break into. To help you gain the skills employers are looking for, here are the top 7 digital marketing skills that employers are looking for.

  1. Digital Marketing Strategy
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Analytics and Data Analysis
  6. Mobile App Development and Design
  7. User Experience Design

2) How can I improve my digital marketing skills?

Digital marketing skills are not easy to master. Here are some tips that can help you improve your digital marketing skills.

Here are some tips that can help you improve your digital marketing skills:

-Take a course on digital marketing, if you haven’t already

-Find a mentor who is an expert in the field and can provide guidance

-Practice your skills with free tools like HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing software, which gives you access to case studies and interactive training modules.

3) What are the 5 basic digital skills?

This outlines the main skills that all adults should have so that we can safely and effectively take part in digital life.
Communicating. …
Handling Information & Content. …
Transacting. …
Problem Solving. …
Being Safe & Legal Online

In Conclusion

There are so many jobs available in the field of digital marketing that you’re sure to find something that fits you, but where do you even start? How about making a digital marketing skills list only for yourself, based on your core interests, skills, and competencies.

If you’re the type of person that’s ready to learn on the fly, naturally inquisitive, have great marketing skills and are forward-thinking, you’ll be a good fit in many types of digital environments. For those who are a little more introverted, and analytical there are plenty of jobs managing metrics.

With the demand for digital marketing skills outweighing the supply, now is the time to freshen up your digital skills and advance your career in this dynamic field.

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7. Google Ads Executive

The role can be assigned to an entry-level, middle-level, or even senior-level Google Ads Executive. The salary ranges will vary depending on the skill set and years of experience.

8. Google AdWords Expert

Similar functions of that of a specialist but with experience of working with 3 to 4 customers in multiple industry domains. Brings in innovations, best practices, and even advanced tools and technologies for faster results.

9. Google Digital Marketing Expert

Expertise in digital marketing for ranking higher in google search engine algorithms thus experiencing a rise in organic traffic and revenue. Knowledge of keywords pays per click, CTR, and other Google AdWords concepts. Must possess experience of working with 3 to 4 customers.

10. Google Advertising Expert

Expert in devising strategies for advertising and campaigns that are innovative and result in revenue generation via Google ads. Must be updated with the new Google algorithms and SEO techniques for aligning the advertisement strategies accordingly.

11. SEO Specialist

Experienced and knowledgeable on the various SEO techniques, methods, and best practices along with the google search engine algorithms. Proficient in researching and searching keywords best fit for generating clicks and traffic.

12. Marketing Managers

Instead of specific Google AdWords managers, companies sometimes hire professionals capable of overseeing a team entrusted in traffic generation across various search engines. They are expected to be proficient in managing and coordinating various marketing and SEO activities.

13. Head, SEO Marketing

Similar to the role of a Google AdWords manager, focused on SEO marketing. Guides and monitors a team of SEO specialists driving traffic and revenue via keyword research. Encourages the use of tools and techniques for generating appropriate keywords that can help to earn money through clicks.

14. Director for Marketing

A person in charge of the Marketing department of a business unit and reporting to the Chief Marketing Officer. He or she ensures the department meets its objectives within the specified deadline. A director has a team of Google ads managers working under them, along with other marketing officers. The rank is a potential role to achieve for Google AdWords experts.

15. Chief Marketing Officer

A person can rise to the rank of a Chief Marketing Officer after gaining substantial experience in handling Google AdWords campaigns, creating traffic for the company’s website, other sales generation techniques, and managing teams or departments.

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Google Ads Specialist Salary in India for All Roles

Wonder what the salary of Google ads specialist salary is like in India? There are plenty of Google ads specialist jobs that provide Google ads specialist salary per hour. Let’s have a look at some of the Google ads specialist salaries in India for all job roles –

Facebook ads specialist salary

The average salary of a Facebook ads specialist is about INR 25,000 per month in India. This job role entails specialization only in Facebook ads.

Certified Google ads specialist salary

The average salary for an employee holding a Google ads specialist certification is 4,50,000 INR per annum.

Junior Google ads specialist salary

The average salary of a Facebook ads specialist is about INR 25,000 per month in India.

Senior Google ads specialist salary in India

The salary of a Google Ads specialist in a senior, managerial role is about 11,32,000 per annum.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I become a Google ads specialist?

  • Ans: If you want to become a Google Ads specialist through the following steps-
  • Apply your skills practically
  • Learn how Google Ads actually work
  • Choose a Google Ads certification
  • Prepare for it and get certified
  • Stay up-to-date with any changes in Google Ads

2) What is the highest salary for Google ads specialists in India?
Ans: The highest salary for a Google ads specialist in India is around $200,000. This figure varies depending on the experience and skill set of the individual. Some companies pay up to $300,000 for certain skillsets like content writing.

3) Is getting Google ad certified worth it?
Ans: Google ad certification is not just about landing more clicks and better ad rank. It is also about having a good quality of ads to create higher conversion rates.
Ad certifications are heavily scrutinized by advertisers in the digital marketing field. If you are convinced that you will be able to generate higher conversions when being certified, then it is worth it for your bottom line.


We hope you enjoyed reading this blog article on how to become a Google ads specialist along with salaries.

Along with the Google ads specialist certification, you can also follow this online complete digital marketing course that will give you a holistic view of the digital marketing world. This course will help you progress in your career drastically.

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We hope you liked our article on the Importance of Digital Marketing

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Looking for Digital Marketing Offline Training? We have our Classroom Training in Pune & Mumbai location. Here is a link for Digital Marketing Courses in Pune and Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai

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