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Digital Marketing’s Most Wanted Skills 2022

Digital Marketing’s Most Wanted Skills 2022

  • Posted by: Rohit Shelwante
  • Category: Digital marketing, Wordpress

Digital Marketing refers to the marketing of ones product through digital channels. And these days, it is quickly becoming vital to the sales and success of every business. Digital marketing has thus also become one of the fastest growing areas of employment. This will only continue as the internet and its use becomes more and more central to our lives. For students looking for a viable career digital marketing is a veritable gold mine of opportunity. 

You don’t require a special degree to get into Digital Marketing but a Certification in Digital Marketing will help you to stand out from the crowd. This also means that it will get increasingly competitive. But you can get a competitive head-start with some vital skills. To help you get started, weve put together a list of the most in-demand skills for digital marketers. These will enable you to stand out from the competition and make the most of the opportunities available to you.  

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Graphic Design:

This skill makes use of art or images to communicate information in a memorable or attention-grabbing manner. It is a combination of aesthetics and marketing, and is a necessary component for any and all kinds of advertisement and marketingfrom designing brochures and business cards to logos and websites. Artistic inclination, communication skills, and a background in design are necessary. Knowledge and proficiency with design software like Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe InDesign, etc. is critical for people seeking a strong career in graphic designing. 

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Data Analytics

This refers to the collection, analysis and reporting of data so that it may be used to identify whitespaces, predict trends and improve business. Proper analysis of data gives a company knowledge about their performance and their consumers. This, in turn, will allow the company to make better informed decisions. It is one of the more technical digital marketing skills so a technical background, or inclination is necessary. So are teamwork skills and the knowledge of database languages. 

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This is the skill of writing for the purpose of brand-building and marketing. The copy writer must understand their audience, and what they want. They must use this knowledge to create relatable, immersive, response-generating communications. The copy as this type of content is called, may be for brochures, billboards, blogs, scripts for video or radio advertisements, and more. Like graphic designing, creativity is central to mastering this skill. As is attention-to-detail, ability to research, communication skills, and adaptability. Experience in writing or marketing is also helpful. 


More and more, people consult Google or Bing for product reviews, or advice on where they ought to buy products from. Further, visibility is the name of the gameno one clicks past the first pageif that. So, ranking high on the pages of search engines is necessary to attract traffic and boost business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a valuable skill used to increase the number of people that find a companys site on Search Engines.

SEO Specialists can get a site to rank on Search Engines in many ways, such as using keywords, tags and optimizing the site, as well as brand mentions, influencer marketing, etc. In this way, the company can create brand awareness and a user base. Although no specific eligibility is needed, mastering SEO is easy if one has a background in mathematics and statistics, is technically inclined, and has a working understanding of analytics. 

Search Engine Marketing:

Also known as SEM, this is a fundamental digital marketing skill needed to deal with paying search engines, or website owners for views or clicks to a site or app. SEM specialists bid on their desired keywords and the advertiser pays the search engine, Google or Bing, as the case may be, when the ads are viewed (pay per impression) or viewers click their ads (Pay Per Click). In contrast to this you can also advertise directly on desirable websites.

These website owners charge fixed prices that work in much the same way as off-line hoardings, i.e. viewership number and quality. Search Engine Marketing helps build brand awareness and a user base for businesses, as the more a consumer sees your advertisement, the more likely they are to remember it, or make a purchase. Analytical skills, strategic thinking, ease with numbers and attention to detail are valuable sub-skills.

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Video Production and Marketing

Videos are an effective tool in marketing strategies. There is much to be gained from making good use of them. This skill, also called videography, concerns videos their set-up, production, editing and release. What was already a valuable skill has been made more so by the rise of apps like TikTok, as well as Facebook Live and Instagrams Reels feature. And of course, the granddaddy of them all, YouTube. Thus, videography is now more critical than ever. It focuses on the creation and publication of engaging and informative video content that will help businesses reach a wider audience. 

Content Marketing:

This is the skill of managing the (digital) marketing content produced for a business. Content Marketers are tasked with content decisions. How much content needs to be created for a particular product? What kind? Where will it be uploaded? When? Content marketers must be strategic, able to multitask, forward thinking, comfortable with technology. They must also be social media savvy, creative, and display both communication skills, and leadership skills. 


If youre entering the field of Digital Marketing, or want to, you dont need to master every one of the skills mentioned above. Mastery of three or four will be advantageous enough. But you do need to understand them all, Nor will it be hard to do. There are many online courses for digital marketing in general and for these specific skills in particular. Research and identify the best school for your digital marketing career. Look at proximity, teaching methodology, faculty and of course the course curriculum.

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