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Digital Marketing Training: Online vs Classroom Training, What’s Best for You? ( Updated 2022 )

By Rohit Shelwante


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People sitting in different parts of the world now can access the courses they want, pick the best trainers, and do it all from the comfort of their own homes. The learning need never stops. You can study whatever you want when you want, and even how you want. This flexibility is enormously attractive. So it’s classroom training dead? Not so fast. Classroom training has its benefits too. A fixed time and place brings discipline and assured a start and end time—invaluable if you tend to procrastinate a bit, and who doesn’t?

In this article, we look at the pros and cons of both online and classroom training specifically from the context of Digital Marketing.

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As a skill that promises rewarding careers for both beginners as well as working professionals, the demand for Digital Marketing Training has grown by leaps and bounds. It offers lucrative digital marketing careers for beginners. It goes without saying that to enjoy these career benefits one needs to have the skills and proficiency levels required. There are many, many digital marketing training programs out there, and just as many Digital Marketing Training Institutes. Some specialize in classroom training, others, online. But the question one needs to ask is not which mode of training is best, but which one is best for you!


Digital Marketing Training: Online vs Classroom Training, What’s Best for You? ( Updated 2022 )

Each one of us has our own set of challenges; these could be financial, locational, or access to study material or internet connectivity. So to help you make an educated comparison, this article discussed the different challenges and benefits of both classroom training and online training.

As one of the oldest Schools of Digital Marketing in Pune and Mumbai, Premium School of Digital Marketing has experience with both classroom and online training. In all truth, the current situation with Ovid-necessitated lockdowns, and classroom training in most places across the world are on hold. Nevertheless, classroom training continues to hold its own for some categories of people. And these students are content to bide their time until physical training begins once again. So who’s right? Let’s dive in.

Pros and Cons of Online Digital Marketing Training

  1. Convenience

The biggest benefit of studying online is convenience. With both the classroom and instructor or trainer accessible 24×7, you really have no excuse for missing class. You can receive announcements, take quizzes, discuss questions, chat with trainers and students. You don’t have to reserve a special time to go to class, You can study whenever you have the time; you can make your own schedule, and progress at your own speed.

 2. Flexibility

Online learning can take place at the time and place of your choosing. There is no need for a fixed schedule since the sessions are usually recorded and available to view later. Neither is there (usually) a dress code. You’re free to study anytime you want, and you can do it in a manner of your own choosing. If sitting on the couch works for you, who’s to stop you? Prefer studying in your PJ’s? Go right ahead—just remember to keep your camera off. This level of flexibility is just not possible with classroom training.

You can even multi-task, i.e. study during a break in work hours, or while having your lunch. It’s a great time-saver and as a side benefit, you have your evenings free too.

3. Individual Attention

When you study in a classroom setup, you’re one of many. Even if you are the teacher’s pet it is not possible to get total individual attention. Furthermore, students tend to refrain from asking questions in class for fear of looking foolish. No such feat exists with online training. Because you have a direct  connection to your instructor through email off chat messages. Online trainers are usually happy to take on any query their students share. Which means you can clarify any doubts, cross-check your learning, or resolve any doubts no matter how silly they may seem, without fear of looking foolish in front of your peers

Digital Marketing

4. Real World Skills

when you study online you don’t just gain mastery of your chosen subject. You also learn a multitude of other support skills, for instance: how to access use and attain proficiency with digital tools which would just not be possible in a classroom set up. You can learn, for instance, how to find jobs online, get college applications online, make travel plans, research anything, conduct comparison for different products, chat with people from around the world… the possibilities are endless. And many of these Digital Marketing Skills are a necessary part of any future-ready career.

5. Real-time Learning

Most of the time what we learn in a classroom, is forgotten the moment we leave the class, and theory remains untested. However, when you study online. E.g. take an online digital marketing course, you just learn a subject or topic in context. You can immediately test the learning because you have access to the requisite portals or pages on the internet. More, if you run into any challenges, you can immediately resolve them with a side chat with your fellow students or ask the instructor there and then, instead of having to note down your query and wait for the next classroom session to clarify it. Imagine you’re learning how to conduct an Adwords campaign. You can immediately log on to the required page, perform the necessary actions, clarify doubts in any, and see the learning in action—all in real time.

6. Limitless Learning

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with learning online and you’re comfortable with the concept of learning online, you don’t have to stop with just your digital marketing training. You can go on to add as many skills as you deem necessary. You can pick up skills for videography, graphic design, web design, web development… the list is endless and endlessly rewarding, as all these tools and topics will help you become a stronger and more all-round proficient digital market

7. Financial Benefits

We all know that shopping for anything from household goods to vacations is always cheaper online than buying it from the shop or office. At its core, this is simply because businesses need to meet fixed expenses like rent, electricity, salaries, etc. and thus need to increase the markup of the product itself. That’s why the same item can be had online for a significantly lower price. This is definitely true for digital marketing training online courses as well.

At Premium School of Digital Marketing too our online courses are priced to meet most pockets. And to ensure each student gets the attention and guidance they need, our batch sizes are also restricted.

8. Time & Travel Savings

Since you don’t have to travel to a fixed location, you’re spared the inconvenience, expense and time you would otherwise spend in traveling. With the rising cost of gas this can work out to quite a bit, especially if your selected school is located across town

9. Learn While You Work

Opting for an online mode of digital marketing training works well for professionals who can’t get time off to attend a regular classroom training program. With the flexibility to attend sessions at their time and convenience, online courses offer the best of both worlds for working professionals

With so many things going for it, you might wonder if there are any downsides to online learning. Read on to find out more.

Online learning can take longer than classroom learning

All that flexibility comes at a price, and that is usually the time most students take to study or complete assignments in the online environment as compared to doing the same in an classroom environment. One needs to be really disciplined, and a self-starter to ensure you maintain progress in line with the set schedule. However, paying attention while sitting in a classroom can be tedious, and there’s a strong possibility you will miss some percentage of what the trainer says, regardless of how focused you are. It’s just human nature. Well all tend to zone out for short periods of time. However, in an online learning environment you can slow down, speed up, go back and re-read stuff, etc. This simply means that although most students are likely to learn more in an online environment, they need to make a greater effort to attain that learning.

Online encourages procrastination

Unlike classroom training, online learning courses do not—indeed, cannot force you to attend class on time, or nag you to finish your coursework. And when studies compete with watching cricket, playing with the dog, or even staring into space, guess who wins most of the time? Yep. Focusing on studies with all those distractions calling to you can be hard. And it is one of the big reasons that online courses take longer to finish. That said, if your course. like PSDM’s digital marketing course, is structured so assignments must be completed and submitted by a given time, the opportunities to procrastinate are limited.

Atmosphere not always conducive to learning

When you’re studying online you’re usually in the most comfortable place in the house, probably your sofa. And you’re almost certainly alone. This can be challenging for some. With no fellow students to discuss or brainstorm with; no trainer demanding attention; and no witty remarks that can act as a mnemonic for a topic under discussion. After all our years in school and high school, this sort of environment just seems more conducive to learning. And without the TV or your pet vying for your attention, the classroom setups offer a distraction-free atmosphere that online learning can find hard to match.

Online training demands active learning

Let’s face it, if you’re not a focused, self-starter, online training can be a challenge. Unlike in a classroom setup, there’s nobody to force, plead, or cajole you into paying attention and getting on with it.

Internet connectivity

It goes without saying that you can’t sign up for an online training course without first ensuring you have the network connectivity and the necessary device to connect to the internet. Patchy service or low internet bandwidth can make sessions a frustrating experience. But this is an easily solved problem, with players like Jio, Vodafone, Airtel, BSNL offering very economical data packages on both prepaid and postpaid schemes.

You’re responsible for your own learning

If you truly have the desire to learn digital marketing well enough to pursue a lucrative career, online learning can help make it happen. If not, the going can be a little tough. Your instructor can only share his knowledge and experience. He can give you tools, tips and techniques but the spark to master them effectively must be yours.


In the end, the biggest drawback to an online digital marketing training course is that you need to take responsibility for achieving your own goals. But with an understanding faculty and a training institute that offers flexibility and mentorship, your digital marketing career should soon

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