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Common Questions Asked In Digital Marketing Interview

By Rohit Shelwante

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Answering the common questions asked in digital marketing interviews can be challenging at times, as you can only predict what the interviewer is going to ask. Maintaining the presence of mind at that very moment can turn out to be crucial. It proves your capacity of handling situations. Not only answering but your body language, ability to understand, confidence & passion towards Digital Marketing.. all of it is looked upon.

Digital Marketing is one fast-moving career with attractive opportunities. The dominance of this field is predicted in the coming years. With technology taking over nowadays, there are many ways & tactics that fall under digital marketing namely Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Influencer Marketing, and Link Building & the list goes on. Now without further ado, let’s come to the point:

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We will divide this article into 2 parts:

1. Q&A for freshers (0-2 yrs.)

2. Q&A for experienced ( 2 yrs. & above)

Common Questions Asked in Digital Marketing Interview for Freshers:

Q.1: What do you understand by SEO in Digital Marketing? What is On-page & Off-page optimization?

Ans: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It helps your web page to get easily noticed & rank on the first page of results displayed. SEO is a vital digital marketing medium for crawling, indexing, and measuring the accuracy of websites. On-Page SEO: On-page SEO (or on-site SEO) is the activity of optimizing web pages for specific keywords in order to improve search visibility and site traffic. It involves positioning page-specific elements like title tags, content, headings, and internal links with keywords stuffed. It makes use of technical elements & content to enhance the page quality. Off-Page SEO: Off-page basically involves the “behind the scenes” of your work on your website. Basic activities in off-page include link building, content marketing, Social media posts, influencer marketing, guest posting, blogger outreach, etc.

Q.2: What do you mean by a keyword in SEO? Why is it important in Digital Marketing?

Ans: A Keyword is a thought which comes into the mind of the user while searching for anything on Google. The same thing is typed in the Google search box. That is known as a keyword. From an SEO perspective, keywords are extremely important for good page ranking. The tactful use of keywords is of extreme importance. It helps the website to grow high in the search results.

Q.3: What are the important areas where you can stuff keywords to improve your site ranking?

Ans: You can keep the keywords in the following areas:

  1. Website title
  2. Website URL
  3. Meta Tag
  4. Stuff keywords in the content of the website.
  5. In headlines

Q.4: Briefly explain what do you understand when we say Google Ads.

Ans: Google Ads is the most preferred paid promotion tool. It functions on the Pay-Per-Click technique. By using this tool you can increase your website traffic & grab more audience. Running ads mainly increases your online visibility. Repeatedly running ads on Google helps build your presence online & pulls potential customers. You can make your own customized strategies to make your ad campaign successful. You must also keep a watch on your competitors’ strategies for running ads. This can increase your product/service sales substantially & it naturally creates a brand image in the market.

Q.5: Can you name some beneficial Digital Marketing Tools?

Ans: Some of the useful online marketing tools are Google Analytics Digital Point Keyword Tracker Crazy Egg Heat Maps Keyword Discovery StumbleUpon XML Sitemap Generator Favicon Generator Submit Express Link Popularity

Q.6: Why is digital marketing favored over traditional marketing?

Ans: In this new era of a technology-driven world, digital marketing is the most relied-on type of marketing. Also compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is measurable i.e. audience can be tracked unlike in traditional marketing. Some of the reasons contributing to the success of digital marketing over traditional marketing are Cost-effectiveness Higher internet penetration Easy analysis, better tracking of leads and performance & usually better performance-focused ROI Better interaction with customers Faster / Real-time optimization Global reach Easy access to products/services information for consumers.

Q.7: Can you tell the difference between digital branding and direct marketing?

Ans: Digital Branding is a digital marketing strategy, where a company creates a name, logo, or design that can be easily identifiable as a brand name. In Digital Marketing when you keep your presence frequent, people recognize it more as it is visual/audio-visual for them. It is a long-term process, achieved consistently and deliberately, and is believed to be one of the most effective ones. Direct marketing is a marketing technique to reach out to potential customers in different ways such as through flyers, catalogs, emails, pamphlets, etc. The key difference between both is the time taken and the way to reach the consumers. Branding is done to build the brand or make people aware, whereas direct marketing helps companies reach out to their customers directly.

Q.8: What is content marketing? Why is it needed?

Ans: Content Marketing:

Content marketing helps in audience engagement and establishing relationships, which leads to a boost in sales. But there may be certain challenges too. These include coming up with good content ideas and giving time to them. Writing content or extracting fresh content isn’t an easy task. It totally depends on you while creating new or fresh content. It shouldn’t be copied as Google immediately catches plagiarized content & it will directly affect your page ranking.

Need for Content Marketing:

The quality of product content & especially the effective strategies depict that people deserve more. Good quality content increases consumer curiosity/expectations about the brand such as influencer marketing. Customers, most of the time, expect more from a brand they like. They always want something new & which is trending recently. Techno-savvy customers come to know about the abilities of the company & their product without looking overly promotional. Every brand, big or small, is in continuous need of getting exposure. Any amount of exposure is good for the brand to promote its products.

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Common Questions Asked in Digital Marketing Interviews for Experienced Candidates:

For experienced candidates, the questions would be a bit complex as they may answer them according to their experience & knowledge. For them, the questions may be dependent on the job description or designation he/she has applied for. This helps the interviewer to know exactly how aware the candidate is based on his experience. Some of the questions he may ask the experienced candidate are as follows:

Q.1: What was your past experience in Digital Marketing?

Ans: In this, you may elaborate on your journey when you entered the field of Digital Marketing. You may mention how you started, past organizations where you worked, what kind of projects were you working on & what kind of exposure/recognition did you receive over there. You may also take some proofs with you to show like photos/certificates of recognition, promotion letters, etc if required. Convey this in a way that your interviewer is convinced about your passion for Digital Marketing.

Q.2: How will you attract more potential buyers for our company via Digital Marketing?

Ans: Visual content grabs people’s attention. Displaying good content at the right time & to the right audience will bring positive outputs for sure. Posting catchy content on social media, well-crafted visual images & solving customer issues. Also advertising via online mediums allows you to show your ads to people who may be interested in buying your products/services. Doing all of this helps in lead generation to an extent that may get converted.

Q.3: Can you explain Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Ans: Social Media Marketing (SMM) includes a variety of activities like uploading images, videos & other catchy content that keeps the audience engaged. With the help of SMM, you can drive traffic to your website, improve communication with your target audience, build brand awareness, increase conversions, etc. Frequently posting via social media accounts on a regular basis & keeping track of the overall growth of your social media handle & prompt reply to customer complaints are some of the important points to always remember in Social Media Marketing.

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Q.4: What latest Digital Marketing Trends are you aware of?

Ans: There are a lot of digital marketing trends that have been happening in recent years. Some of them are more popular than others. Some of the most recent trends that I am aware of are:

  1. AI in Marketing
  2. Metaverse
  3. Augmented Reality
  4. Voice Search Optimization
  5. Programmatic Advertising

 You can explain each one of these in a basic one-line answer so as to make the interviewer understand that you are updated & prove your said experience.

Here are some generic points about Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 that You Should Know About.

Q.5: According to you, what are you inclined towards in Digital Marketing?

Ans: Digital Marketing is a big bunch of huge opportunities & there are a lot of things to be curious about. Over here, give the interviewer an example of how you dealt with a particular situation in the past. Elaborate that why you enjoyed solving the same & what you learned from it.


Digital Marketing

Q.6: What off-page SEO tools will you use to build backlinks?

Ans: Off-page SEO tools are one of the most important and effective ways to build backlinks. These tools help in increasing your domain authority, improving your content’s visibility, and generating more traffic.

Here are some off-page SEO tools you should use to build backlinks

1. Ahrens 2. Majestic
3. Moz’s link Explorer 4. Link clump
5. SEMrush 6. Content bird
7. SEO quake 8. Web Archive
9. Buzz Stream 10. Kerbo

Q.7: What is your go-to strategy when targeting a keyword?

Ans: Ranking a particular keyword is an ongoing process & you won’t receive the outcome as per your expectation most of the time. This is the case especially if you are trying to get a ranking for a popular keyword. So you can answer by saying that we can implement SEO practices like keyword research, competitors’ analysis, Objectifying your content & enhancing keywords. These can be some of the quick strategies to go on with keyword targeting.

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Q.8:  Which form of digital marketing is better: SEO or PPC?

Ans: The two forms of digital marketing are often compared because they both have their own benefits and drawbacks. SEO has the advantage of being able to get more organic traffic, but PPC can be more cost-effective for some businesses.

  • SEO:

As per research, users do not scroll beyond the 5th given item on the search result. Keeping the same in mind while performing SEO of a website, making use of keywords in an effective manner to bring out better search results proves of utmost importance. There are more methods to make your brand appear naturally (or organically… as said in Digital Marketing) when people search for it using the keyword which was targeted by you. It can prove as a solution to rank your website high. User naturally types what he/she wants to search. It is the job of the digital marketer to figure out what can users type.

  • PPC:

In layman’s language, PPC or Pay per Click is basically giving money to Google to rank your website high in the search results. It indicates that when a particular query is searched on Google search engine, you can pay money to Google to rank your website high so your website’s traffic is increased. PPC is cost-efficient & customizable too. So it can help you substantially to grow your website ranking & bring sales for your product/service.

The answer to this question depends on person-to-person & the experiences they’ve got. Some may be in favour of PPC as it is a paid form of promotion. Some may be in Favour of SEO.

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These can be some questions faced by an experienced candidate. The main factor when giving an interview is the portrayal of the said experience, how did you respond to client problems/ complaints & what did you do to avoid the same problems repeating in the future? These factors the interviewer wants to extract from you as he wants to know whether you can contribute to the company or not.


So coming back to our main point, these can be some of the questions that can be asked in a Digital Marketing interview. The reason to divide it into 2 parts is that both freshers & experienced guys should get answers. Experience gives you a sense of confidence to face an interview but you cannot predict what can be asked. Hope this article helps you & you get placed in a good company. You need to show the dedication you’ve got to Digital Marketing. Also, your readiness to learn new things.

Go out there & give your best shot.

You never know what may work out for you.

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