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Best Digital Marketing Career Opportunities in 2022

By Rohit Shelwante


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A strong understanding of how Digital Marketing works is needed across organizational teams and can boost career growth and salaries substantially. Finally, unlike engineering or medicine, there is no real formal qualification for eligibility. The best thing about Digital Marketing as a career is that there’s no linear entry path into this field and you don’t need a degree in marketing to get a job in this industry.

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All one really needs is an understanding of the various digital marketing channels; and how they work. And the ability to put that knowledge to work. So even a short-term course that teaches you the fundamentals of digital marketing can help you secure a decent job. If you are looking for a strong career, though, the following Digital Marketing positions are going to see a significant rise in demand during the coming year, as per industry estimates.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Manager

Aside from at least 2 to 3 years of experience, you need to have a clear understanding of Digital Marketing Fundamentals to succeed as a Digital Marketing Manager. You should be able to spot opportunities from industry and consumer trends. Which means strong strategizing skills, too. Leadership skills are also a necessity, as Digital Marketing Managers are required to lead a team of professionals. Glance at any job portal and you will see the massive number of companies looking to fill this position.

Digital Marketing Manager Salaries in India

Salaries are similarly attractive, with average annual salaries ranging between Rs.15 to 20 lakhs

SEO Expert

Attracting customers in the digital world is all about visibility and that means SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Position). If your website is not on the first page for the relevant search, chances are it will rarely be visited. There are two ways to get to the top of the rankings. The quickest way is to pay for it, i.e. via search ads. There are clearly marked as ads and occupy the top three positions. But this can be an expensive affair, as businesses have to bid for keywords and the cost for popular keywords can be quite high. The second way is through SEO. So, basically, SEO works by improving your site’s visibility. So when people search for a product or service you offer, your website shows up in the top positions.

Getting to the top depends directly on the quality of the content your webpage provides. The closer it is to your visitor’s interests, the better the chance of showing up on top. And the better the chance of converting a browser into a buyer. Google employs algorithms known only to itself to decide how a site should be ranked. The SEO expert needs to be well informed and up to date of the latest changes to the algorithms. And they must know how to leverage that knowledge for their client’s benefit. SEO experts must be comfortable with several third party tools, such as those offered by Ahrefs, Moz, etc., in addition to Google’s own tools.

SEO Expert Salaries in India

Such is the demand for good SEO professionals that many work as consultants or freelancers. Earnings can easily cross Rs 2,00,000/- a month.

Social Media Manager

It goes without saying that the best Social Media Managers are the people who spend a lot of time of Social Media. But that’s not enough. You also need to be innately creative. Because it is a very visual platform. That is why you rarely see a content-heavy post. People are just not interested. If you have a yen for creating out of the box campaigns, Social Media is the place for you. The Social Media Manager is also responsible to formulating strategy and ensuring it is executed. This calls for team leadership and strategizing capabilities.

Social Media Manager Salaries in India

If this sounds like something you’d be good at, you can look forward to a pay packet of Rs 12 to 15 lakhs a year. Alternatively you could also offer your services as a freelancer.

Content Marketing Manager

If there was ever a place where content is king, the digital world is it. Content is the only parameter search engines like Google can factor in to decide how relevant your webpage is to a particular user. There are many forms that digital content can be served up on. Websites are of course the main one. But you also have social pages, like Facebook; business networking sites like LinkedIn, and Instagram/Snapchat-like channels. Increasingly people are choosing videos over words. Consider the rise of video sites like Tik-Tok, Instagram Reels, YouTube, and more.

Your ability to use these vehicles to your client/employer’s benefit can mean big money. Content managers often do not create the content themselves. This is done by writers, videographers, graphic designers, etc. However, it is the Content Manager’s job to decide which topics should be featured. And to maintain the quality of content on the various digital assets that an organization may own.

Content Marketing Manager Salaries in India

Which explains why Content Managers routinely command high salaries of between Rs 15 to 20 lakhs an annum.

Search Engine Marketing

There is no doubt that SEO is an imperative for every organization. After all it is free. But what do you do when you want your website to show up in the top spots? The short answer: you engage an SEM expert. SEM experts will bring the quantity and quality of traffic you desire to your sites. They do this by analyzing your webpage first. And aligning it’s structure and, where required, fresh original content will need to be created and inserted. This is to improve the quality of the page and lift its Page Rank.

Improving Page Rank also reduces the final amount Google will charge your clicks. As in SEO positions, only basic qualifications are necessary. Certifications like Google Adwords certification are necessary. These are free online exams that anyone can take. But do get some training to understand how to conduct campaigns, curate keywords, measure results, etc. Premium School of Digital Marketing (PSDM) conducts focused short courses like SEM Courses, SEO Courses, etc. Contact us for details.


Videos are racking up numbers like never before. Sites like TikTok, YouTube, and the old social media biggies like Facebook Snapchat, Instagram, etc. are attracting new users every hour. The opportunity for businesses is immense. And so is the demand for Videographers. From short clips for Instagram Stories & Reels to more long-form videos that can be uploaded on various social media pages, as well as webpages, there is a huge need for immersive, quality clips.

If you are obsessed with clicking pictures, shooting videos, editing clips, adding sound, etc., this is the perfect field for you. You need to understand the fundamentals of visual storytelling as well as earn fluency with editing softwares, such as Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, etc. Many videographers also take to vlogging (video blogging) and often have their own YouTube Channels where they can air their work, and earn advertising revenue.

Content Writer/Blogger

While the content manager is responsible for the content strategy and quality, the task of actually creating the content falls to the content writer. You don’t need any special qualification to become a content writer. Strong language skills, curiosity and keenness to learn new things are all you need to get started. What does help is knowledge of digital marketing fundamentals. Because the ability to leverage Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media and Search Engine Marketing (SEO) can help you gain visibility for yourself and your work.

Many content writers are also prolific bloggers. This calls for a little more specialized knowledge about your chosen niche. But if you can identify one that you’re interested in and that attracts readers regularly, you can achieve notable success as a blogger. What’s more, this is a passive earning mechanism, i.e. a second income stream. And with a little nurturing it can become your primary income source.

Graphic Artist/Website Designer/Website Developers

Have an eye for the aesthetic? Have high spatial intelligence? Able to merge content and images in a way that attracts? You may have what it takes to be a successful graphic artist or web designer.

The digital world is a very visual one. The average digital native views thousands of pages every day. They have just a few seconds to decide if they’re interested in what they are seeing or no. The best way to attract their interest is through images, short form content, etc. This is true for all digital media vehicles, social platforms, webpages, emails, or any other.

As a graphic designer or website designer, your job is to present this information in an immersive manner. Designers will need to be proficient in design software like Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator. Web designers will also need to know their way about the same tools. An understanding of WordPress and HTML is needed to excel as a designer or developer.

The continuous and growing popularity of mobile devices, e-commerce, social media, etc. promises a healthy growth forecast for website designers, developers and graphic artists.


These are just some of the many, many opportunities opening up in digital marketing. As newer technologies come into play, there will be even more new careers being created. But the ones who will grow the most are obviously those who start out first. So don’t delay. Start by researching the specialties you’re interested in. There are many digital training institutes out there. Do your homework and identify the most suitable for your needs.

Digital marketing is an evolving field and has a lot of potential as a profession. With proper training and a positive attitude, you can build a good career.

If you are serious about building a career in the lucrative field of digital marketing, then enrol into our  Digital Marketing Course in Pune and equip yourself with the requisite skills.

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