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Advantages of Digital Marketing For MBA Graduates In 2023

Advantages of Digital Marketing For MBA Graduates In 2023

  • Posted by: Rohit Shelwante
  • Category: Digital marketing, Digital Marketing Blogs

Introduction: What is Digital Marketing and How It Can Help Your Career As an MBA Graduate? 

Digital marketing is focused on building a brand’s presence in digital media. It is sometimes also called “Internet marketing”. The scope of digital marketing for MBA graduates can be divided into four categories: social media, search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, and conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Digital marketing has grown in importance as a marketing discipline over time. Today, it is the fastest-growing and most innovative form of creating effective marketing campaigns. Digital marketing is changing the way businesses operate. It’s also an area of study that can be added to your MBA degree. The course covers advanced topics, especially for MBA Students like Campaign Management, Bidding Strategies, ROI Calculation, Google Analytics, and much more. Check our article on Digital Marketing Salaries in India 2023 – The Complete Guide.

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According to the Google Trends report released in 2022, digital marketing has become one of the most searched terms on Google. Digital Marketing is also important because it is estimated to grow by 25% by 2023.


Why Every MBA Graduate Should Learn Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a key aspect of any company’s marketing strategy. Digital marketing is a crucial skill for any MBA graduate to have. It is the backbone of any company’s marketing strategy. In fact, 85% of marketers in India spend at least 50% of their budget on digital activities.

Digital marketing is a dynamic industry that will continue to evolve as time goes by, which means that it will be an important skill for anyone with an MBA degree to learn in order to stay relevant and competitive.


How Digital Marketing Can Help Your Career As an MBA Graduate

The digital marketing industry is expected to grow by more than 20% in the next few years, and it’s not just for people who are interested in marketing. Digital marketers are needed in all areas of business, from IT to Finance.

The advantage of Digital Marketing for MBA graduates is that it offers them a more comprehensive insight into how businesses work from start to finish and how they can put what they learn into action for themselves. It also offers an opportunity for those who want to work on the business side of advertising rather than on the creative side. 

Marketing is one of the most in-demand career fields out there and the demand for marketers will only continue to grow as we go into the future.


Here are some Advantages of Digital Marketing

Explore Different Sectors 

Digital Marketing is a full-fledged industry today and is rapidly growing with the rise in technology. Today every business wants Digital Marketing to promote their brand from the retail industry to IT companies. That’s why there are many options for digital marketers to explore various sectors. Some of the top sectors are Real Estate, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Tourism, etc.


Easy to Learn After MBA

Students with an MBA Degree have access to a variety of marketing skills, programs, classes, and certifications that will help them launch their careers in Digital Marketing. In fact, many graduate schools offer their own Bachelor’s programs in Digital Marketing. Also most of the topics, and terms, are the same in Digital Marketing and MBA so it’s easy to learn after pursuing MBA.


Get preference in Interview 

The interview is the first step in the process of getting a job. It’s important to make a good impression during the interview so that you can get preference over other candidates. If you are a master of digital marketing along with your mainstream degree/diploma your resume has a double chance of catching the eye of a recruiter or employer 

In most interviews, the interviewer will ask you questions about your experience, qualifications, and knowledge. Some interviewers may also ask you to solve problems on the spot or do some tasks in front of them. It’s important to be prepared for these types of questions and have a plan for what you will say and do during your interview. You can read this article about what agencies look for when hiring you in their agencies.


It adds value to your primary degree

Digital marketing is a specialized field that can be pursued with an MBA postgraduate degree. There are many reasons why people choose to pursue Digital Marketing rather than an undergraduate degree in something else.

Digital marketing is a popular career choice because it offers multiple paths of progression and development which all lead to higher salaries and better job prospects. 

In addition, people who have studied digital marketing know how to use the internet as a tool for their own purposes, which is an emerging skill in the working world.


You can use the skill learned in digital marketing as an entrepreneur

Digital marketing is a global phenomenon and the skills learned in this field can be applied to any industry. The digital marketing industry is constantly evolving with new tools, techniques, and trends. This is why it’s important for marketers to be aware of the latest developments in this field.

It’s not just about having a great idea or product anymore, you need to know how to market it too! You can use the skills learned in digital marketing as an entrepreneur.



Digital Marketing Courses



Today’s marketing strategy is incomplete without a digital marketing strategy

The marketing landscape has drastically changed and so should your marketing strategy. We are in a digital age and now more than ever, digital marketers have a huge role to play. You need to figure out the right digital marketing strategy that can help you achieve your business goal. Today’s most successful businesses know the importance of adopting both traditional marketing as well as digital marketing approaches to stay ahead of the competition and accomplish their goals.

Companies are putting more time and effort into an online presence, building up their social media profiles, optimizing their website for search engines, and promoting themselves across different platforms like LinkedIn or YouTube. They know that they need to be present on these channels to reach prospective customers who may not be actively looking for them just yet.

Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all business. There are many different methods that can be applied to your company’s goals in order to achieve success. With so many alternatives available, it can be difficult to know which digital marketing strategy will work best for your company!


How an MBA Degree is Helpful in Understanding and Working with Analytics?

Who better than an MBA to understand and work with analytics?

Business education is a foundation for understanding and working with analytic tools. In fact, many managers are now receiving advanced degrees in analytics like Master of Business Administration (MBA).

A degree in business administration is often required to understand the financial aspects of a company. However, an MBA degree is also helpful in understanding and working with analytics, which is now a critical component of any business. An MBA degree is designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the modern business environment. This includes understanding the financial aspects of a company and working with analytics



In conclusion, digital marketing is one of the most important skills for every MBA graduate. It’s a skill that can help you land a dream job and build your career.

Digital marketing is a growing field that is not only changing the way people do business but also the way they interact with their customers. As a result, it has become one of the most sought-after skills for MBA graduates.

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