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5 Ways Digital Marketing is Cost-Effective [Ultimate Guide 2022]

By Rohit Shelwante

5 Ways Digital Marketing is Cost-Effective [Ultimate Guide 2021]

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Every recipient server is different and may apply different spam filtering criteria for the messages being received. Spam filters are constantly changing to adapt to new techniques and types of spam messages, so what lands in the inbox today could be spam-filtered tomorrow. There are some things you can do to help ensure your emails are being delivered to the inbox.

Get on the White Lists

Hotmail and Yahoo! both keep lists of approved senders. Once you’re on that list that means you’ll almost always go into the inbox.Drips the Messages

Spam filters at most email providers look to see how many messages you’re sending at a time. If you’re sending to a large list, even if you have a fast and efficient email sending server, have the server “drip” the messages out slowly.

Break Large Lists Down

There are many reasons to break large email lists down into smaller ones, but the best reason is that doing so will mean that the spam complaints that you receive when you send your email won’t be in one huge mass. It is inevitable that even loyal subscribers sometimes mark you as spam. If you send your large list in smaller segments, the email provider (Hotmail, MSN, etc.) will see fewer spam complaints together at one time.

Clean Your Email List

Your domain is penalised with a higher spam score if you are sending emails to bad email accounts. A bad email account is an address that doesn’t exist, has been disabled or has a full inbox. These addresses should be cleaned (or “pruned”) from your email list regularly to avoid this.

Provide a Clear Unsub Link

Nobody likes it when somebody unsubscribes from their email list. However, providing a clear way to unsubscribe (and then honouring that unsub quickly) means that users are less likely to get frustrated and just mark you as spam. Don’t use your email address for the “from” email address.
If you send an email that is “from” your email (let’s say and you send it to a contact with the email ( it will most certainly be marked as spam as the “from” and the “to” is the same.

Test Your Email

Send the test email using the exact same server and information that you’ll use with your main list. If the test ends up with most of your emails going to junk folder, then it means you’ll end up in the junk box on your main send also. The pre-send test means that you can try different subject lines and email content to try to figure out what sent you to spam.

Don’t Use “The Big Image”

Embedding images in email is not totally a bad idea, but sending an email that’s all one big image file definitely is, for many reasons. Big image files often carry hidden messages that would normally get caught in spam filters (words like “free” and “Viagra”), so, when a spam filter can’t read any real text in an email and only sees an image, it assumes the worst.

Don’t Sound Like a Spammer!

This one should be obvious! The more “spam-like” text and phrases your email uses, the less likely it is to end up in the inbox.
Don’t use the word “free” too many times.
Don’t use ALL CAPS.
Don’t use lots of coloured fonts.
Only use one exclamation point at a time!
Stay away from words you’d see in spam: Viagra, drugs, porn, guaranteed winner.

Even if you do all of these things and do them perfectly, your emails may still end up in the junk folder. Email spam filter criteria change almost daily and can be impacted by things that you have no control over. However, if you, as a habit, send good emails that your clients want, you’ll get into the inbox more often than not.

We strongly suggest you to follow the above guidelines because, once an email provider thinks that your email is spam, it is very hard to get back into the inbox!

Digital marketing helps businesses of all sizes make themselves more visible. However, considering how expensive it is to run a business, your company may be hesitant to spend extra funds without assurances. There are many cost-effective Digital Marketing Strategies to use online to further legitimize and attract people to your business and its products or services.

Whether it’s through social media, a website, or other means, subtle digital marketing tactics can make a significant difference in your organization’s marketability and profitability. The growth of digital marketing has been very impressive and the growth is going to see an upward trend in the future. Simply put, the future of digital marketing looks secure and bright.

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Traffic goes beyond getting people to visit your website and making your business visible. For your company to succeed with a digital marketing campaign, you will need to generate targeted traffic.

Traffic goes beyond getting people to visit your website and making your business visible. For your company to succeed with a digital marketing campaign

Targeted traffic refers to website visitors who aren’t just browsing your site, but are actively looking for products and information. It creates better conversion rates when you can attract targeted traffic to your website as they are more likely to purchase a product or engage in services and ask questions.

Good traffic is also needed for a more profitable return on investment. This way, your campaigns aren’t attracting people who are simply surfing the web, but instead, your ads are reaching people who inquire about what yout brand sells, or they buy right away.

One way to direct ‘quality’ traffic is with retargeting ads. Retargeting is an essential audience-building mechanism. With set parameters about your preferred audience’s online behaviours, interests, and demographic details, retargeting will place ads before those who would like to work with or buy from you.

In addition, retargeting can even be used on people who have purchased on your website or app once. The ads serve as a reminder of or introduction to your value. Seeing how many conversions come through and where they come from can help you fine-tune future campaigns even more.

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2. Social Selling Can Connect & Convert

Consumers are savvier and more informed than ever before. Because of social media’s increasing influence, people use such channels to make intelligent buying decisions by researching products and making or reading recommendations.

Of top salespeople, 62% attribute closing more deals to social selling. More effective social selling training sessions are needed to take advantage of essential touch points in the buyer’s journey. With buyers spending more time researching, supplying them with the right help and tools while they’re looking for answers is crucial.

For social selling to work, you need a social media team that knows how to use social to connect with potential clients. Social media marketers need to monitor their profiles and provide value to prospects, engaging buyers on an ongoing, long-term basis.

Sharing meaningful, eye-catching content is the major key to making social selling work. By doing so, you establish connections with people and can play on that impact to enhance your sales efforts. Identify who you want to connect with and what platforms they use, and then plan your content for those targets. Create content that is engaging visually and provides a solution to the customer’s problem. With every helpful and positive touch point with a prospect, you are positioning your brand as an industry expert.

Businesses currently practising social selling reported the following benefits: increased audience reach and scope, contact with prospects throughout the buyer’s journey, increased conversion rates, and improved sales efficiency.

3. Pay-Per-Click Gets to an Audience Sooner

If you’re running a business, especially a small one, pay-per-click advertising is a must. Around 45% of small businesses use PPC advertising as part of their digital marketing strategy. Your marketing budget isn’t expansive, so every dollar should be maximized.

You can develop greater brand awareness and get instant visibility to a relevant audience, something search engine optimization (SEO) might take months to achieve.

In contrast, PPC allows you to leverage your best assets to generate leads. Ads contain a value proposition (usually in the headline and meta-tag) that your target audience of online searchers and website browsers will find relevant.

Be wise about the keywords and phrases bid on and used, adjusting your choices slightly might not affect the volume of clicks, but it might leave more room in your budget. Strategically change things up and see where you can settle on getting the best ROI.

Using premium search techniques, PPC generates a high return on investment and allows you to limit expenditures to convert customers.

4. Brand Awareness on a Budget

Digital marketing experts increase brand awareness through the simplest means without exerting too much spending power.

Email marketing is an inexpensive and very effective digital strategy. Compared to other digital tactics, eMarketer reports that email can generate four times the ROI. For that reason, it’s the go-to strategy for most businesses.

It costs little to nothing to run an email marketing campaign with user-friendly email management tools such as Marketo and MailChimp. All that’s needed is persuasive text from the subject line to the body, a timeline that fits with marketing goals, an enticing call-to-action, and a great landing page.

When you have the writers and designers in-house who can produce those materials, you’re set. If not, outsource copywriting and design to make emails and landing pages more appealing on a limited budget. If you work with an agency, they can set you up with great resources.

Social media marketing, whether through organic posts or cost-efficient ads like influencers, can get you the attention you need. Take advantage of trending topics, hashtags, community groups, and influencers who fit in with the image you have created. With so many channels out there, building brand awareness doesn’t have to bust the bank.

5. Take Advantage of Social Media Influencing

Partnering with social media influencers is becoming a trendy way for enterprises and small businesses to increase outreach.

If your business is in retail, this is especially useful, whether you’re selling jewellery, accessories or any other fashion-related products. If you’re a large retail brand, you could offer a higher price item in exchange for a sponsored post by a notable influencer. Though you have to pay a sum upfront, influencers have loyal followings that trust their recommendations. So, the right partner can position your products perfectly for a spike in sales.

Tools such as Klout, Kred, and PeerIndex are helpful in identifying the biggest social influencers across the major social networks. Most influencers can be found on Instagram, ranging from fashion to the music industry, as well as sports and other fields. You can also see how they fit with your industry and target audience. BuzzSumo can point out those who write and present similar topics of interest, allowing you to carve out an ideal target market.

Don’t be afraid to contact influencers. This is what they do. Tag them on social media posts if it’s something the influencer can relate to and ask them for a share. Striking up a good bond with such people in the social media industry will make your business and its services more enticing to a wider scope of people.


These tactics show the cost benefits of digital marketing across a range of functions in a business. The key to using them is to have the right talent in-house who can capitalize on the opportunities.

Whether it’s through social media, website, or other means, you will find that subtle digital marketing tactics can make an obvious difference in your organization’s marketability and profitability. Learn more digital marketing strategies at Premium School of Digital Marketing one of the top leading Pioneer Digital Marketing Training Institute in Pune.

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