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10 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is the Best Option After a Career Break in 2022

By Rohit Shelwante


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

10 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is the Best Option After a Career Break in 2022

By Rohit Shelwante

Updated on: Oct 8, 2023


Table of Contents

So, you’ve taken a break, and are thinking of getting back to work? Nothing unusual about that. Perhaps, you gave it up to be with your kids and they’re grown bigger and a little more independent now. Or maybe you took a sabbatical. Whatever the reason, if you’re wondering what career opportunities in  digital marketing are open to you, we have some good news.

Digital Marketing—the next-gen career—is not just for Gen X, Y or Z. Anyone with the drive and desire to succeed can shine as a digital marketer. Here are 10 reasons to consider returning to work as a digital marketer.

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 1.You don’t need a technical background

Perhaps the biggest reason to choose digital marketing as a career after a long break is the lack of special qualifications. Despite the ‘digital’ in digital marketing, you don’t need any special qualifications, i.e. technical background. Just familiarity with the digital world, which, unless you’ve come from outer space, is right in everyone’s wheelhouse. The only difference is that you’re switching roles from consumer to marketer. This brings us to point no. 2.


2.You bring all your experiences with you—not just work- but life experiences, too.

As a digital marketer, you’re in the business of generating demand for your client’s products/services. As a consumer of these or similar products, you already know which buttons to push to get the consumer’s attention. Just think back to your own experiences as a buyer and you’ll be alright. If a certain type of messaging turns you off, you can bet its doing the same thing for other buyers too. No other career gives you such an opportunity to leverage life lessons you’ve learned to boost your career. And You must have a strong grasp of digital marketing concepts with corresponding practical experience, for which a digital marketing course with placement assistance would be good grooming.


3.You can start anytime

There’s no ‘best time to begin studying or working as a digital marketer. That’s because this is one of the most dynamic, evolving industries. From Social Media to SEO algorithms, new technologies, new platforms, new processes are being released and refined even as you read this.

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As a new entrant, you don’t need to worry about learning past technologies, except, perhaps, theoretically. Remember Orkut? Don’t worry, neither does anyone else.


4.Multiple avenues to generate passive income flows

The secret to affluence, as every wealthy person knows, is to have multiple sources of revenue. Digital Marketing is the ideal playing field for this. From affiliate marketing to blogging, there are several ways to monetize your skills, while you continue to earn a regular salary. And as a digital marketer, the tools to get out there and get noticed are all already at your disposal.


5.You can do your own thing

If you find it particularly freeing to work on your own, and can bring structure and discipline to your work, you will find digital marketing the ideal career choice. You can freelance or set up your agency offering any or all digital marketing specializations. You can specialize as an SEO agency, or Social Media Marketing firm, or Content Marketing Agency, the sky is truly the limit. and of course, as your boss, you can decide your work hours.

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6.Ample scope for earning and growth

The scope for growth in a digital marketing career is tremendous. You can start as an intern and within two to three years be a digital marketing manager, in charge of your team. Another growth avenue is the cross-industry and geographical demand for skilled digital marketers. The world is truly your oyster. There is already an acute shortage of digital marketers and it’s only going to grow more.

For more on this, take a minute to read our post on Digital Marketing’s Most Wanted Skills


7.Diverse creative opportunities

If you have an itch for the creative side of things, digital marketing gives you ample opportunity to scratch that itch. From writing to design to audio or visual production and post-production there is a myriad of creative roles digital marketing has to offer—each as lucrative as it is satisfying.

Keen to explore the creative opportunities that digital marketing offers, read our article on the subject, here.


8.Massive and growing demand

Digital Marketing is completely industry-agnostic: B2B or B2C, every business needs skilled digital marketers. And it’s not just about boosting sales. Businesses need to build and sustain brand recall, engage their target customers, keep them informed, and keep them close; and nothing does the job as thoroughly as digital marketing. And as more and more businesses across the industry spectrum realize the benefits—not just effectiveness, but cost-effectiveness—of digital marketing, the demand is only going to grow.

9.Future-ready, Always relevant

The world of digital marketing is a fluid, and ever-evolving one. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Today’s hot platforms may leave tomorrow’s consumers cold—think of the demographics of Face book and the exodus to Instagram and you’ll know what we mean. Of course, this also means that you have to ensure you stay informed and relevant. Luckily, this is a connected world and there are multiple avenues of knowledge enhancement. Other than structured  Digital Marketing Online Courses, you can always tune into YouTube to understand and even master a topic. Additionally, after a couple of years, you will have built yourself a fairly robust network of professionals, whom you can turn to for knowledge sharing or even career opportunities

10.Work remotely, flexibly

The Covid 19 pandemic with its attendant Work From Home modalities has given many a taste of independence that they like. If you’re one of them, digital marketing is the career for you. Whatever your role or specialization—SEO, SMM, content creation, et al—no other career is quite as welcoming for remote working.

Convinced, but not sure where to begin? Start by reading our article How to Get Ready for a Career in Digital Marketing?

Frequently Asked Question

Q1) Why choose a digital marketing career in 2022?

The digital marketing industry is growing at a fast pace. Digital marketers are in high demand due to the fact that they are able to generate leads and higher profits for their companies. With the rise of AI, digital marketing has become more competitive with companies offering better tools and services.

The digital marketing industry is growing fast and it is expected to grow even more in the future. The demand for digital marketing professionals is high and the opportunities for career growth are endless.

Digital marketing careers provide you with a great opportunity to use your skills, interests, and passions every day.

Q2) Is digital marketing a good career in 2022?

This is one of the most asked questions in the career field.With the increasing adoption of digital marketing, there is a lot of opportunities for people to work in this field. In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

Digital marketing is one that allows you to grow as a person and make an impact on your company or clients’ business. It also provides opportunities for personal development and growth outside of your job description. Therefore digital marketing a good career.

Q3) Which is the best career in digital marketing?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to a career in digital marketing. In this article, we will discuss the best careers in digital marketing.

The best career in digital marketing is one that offers you the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, be creative and learn new skills. It also offers the freedom to work remotely and set your own hours. 

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