An Intangible Opportunity to grab if you are a true Tech-Savvy 

Do you want to discover the true potential of yours?

Challenge your technical skills with School of Digital Marketing, presenting before you, the grandest stage of them all, SoDM’s The Web Solution, because you are the tomorrow.

What is The Web Solution?

We are beholden to tell you that we are conducting a Scholarship test; open for all the intellects out there, which are erudite in HTML, CSS, PHP, Java oriented languages like Java, NodeJS and WordPress. The scholarship is avail for examinee, those who are able to secure more than 60% in the scholarship test.

If the participant is able to crack the criteria, he or she will be availed with 20% off on our Digital Marketing Course at School of Digital Marketing. Apart from this, you will receive certificates from our education institute.

Why to enroll?

The world is Digitizing. Businesses, Companies and Enterprises are using Websites to reach to their customers. Hence, the knowledge about website development is precious, and in demand. Brevity is the best friend of Knowledge. The scholarship test is motivated by the fact these skills are in demand, which will help you get placed in companies and enterprises.

Core Idea behind this Scholarship Program

As one of the trusted and oldest Digital marketing Institutes of India, our principle idea behind this Scholarship program is to create awareness about the technical aspects in the vibrant Digital Marketing domain. Secondly, if we succeed to enroll some polished and sharp talent to our Institute, we assure those students to be placed in some of the top MNCs since the chances of tech-savvy candidates to be hired are more than the normal/non-technical candidates.

Don’t miss this magnificent opportunity which might be right for you, right here in front of you. So, Hurry Up and Enroll with us or simply inbox us in case you come up with any query.

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