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Google PPC Interview Questions
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Google PPC Interview Questions

google-ppc-interview-questionsHere are some awesome Google PPC Interview Questions

1) Which are the Major Adevertising Platforms available on Internet?

2) Difference between Google PPC & Imnpression Campaigns?

3) Different Types of Ad Formats?

4) What is Bid Management and how to decide Bidding?

5) Difference between Bidding & Budget?

6) What is Quality Score and how does it affect your work as paid search specialist?

7) Types of Keywords?

8) How do I reduce costs of my paid search campaigns?

9) What is CTR and how it is Calculated?

10) What is ROI?

11) What is Adwords Editor?

12) What is My Client Centre and its Use?

13) What is Google Adwords API?

14) How do you track conversions in Google Adwords?

15) What are Negative Keywords in Adwords?

16) How many campaigns can I run in one adwords account?

17) How much characters can I place in one Text ad?

18) 3 Reasons why Ads gets Rejected?

19) What is Remarketing in Google PPC?

20) What is Placement Tool?

21) The Last Line Of An Adwords Ad Is Called The??

22) In CPC Advertising do You Pay Each Time Your Ad Appears On Google?

23) How Many Changes does Adwords Allow in your Account?

24) According To Punctuation Policy, How Many Total Exclamation Points AreAllowed In Your Ad Text?

25) What is Call to Action Phrase?

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