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    To learn the basics it’s easy but how well you use it to practice and learn from mistakes is the biggest challenge, the opportunities etc. To acquire any new professional skill set, you need 2 things Time and or Money. It’s an investment for yourself. You can take up a course like our 2-month professional digital marketing course in Ravet, PCMC branch. Ideally, you need at least 2-3 months to get at new skills for the foundation + your experience + Practical implementation. Digital marketing is dynamic and constantly upgrading, to keep up to date you have to practice what you learned….Practicing what you learn

    Make you career landscape more captivating with our Digital Marketing Courses in Ravet, PCMC. Premium School of Digital Marketing is one of the oldest & Nigdi’s best digital marketing training institutes with affordable fees from last 10 years having taught 9000+ students. Premium School of Digital Marketing is among the list of top digital marketing institutes in Ravet, PCMC having lots of positive reviews, ratings and feedback online from the students who previously enrolled with our digital marketing courses in Nigdi. We rated 4.8 in Google reviews by our students on Google ratings for our digital marketing courses in Ravet, PCMC. We have the most affordable digital marketing course fees in PCMC. We make sure our students get the best classroom training in digital marketing and so we get them trained by Google certified trained professionals. We provide interactive digital marketing courses in Ravet, PCMC a chance to work on live projects and 9 Google certificates and all this at super affordable fees, lifetime learning access that means you can attend our digital marketing classes till the time you feel you are career and market ready. We Are The Top Digital Marketing Institutes in Ravet, PCMC with 100 % Placement Assistance to Job Seekers. No need to pay the fees first, you can first attend the demo lecture to see the learning process and then have your decision the way you want. We have been referred by many popular bloggers as Best Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Ravet, PCMC. Inquire now to get you free demo.

    Our Digital Marketing courses in Ravet, PCMC have been designed to kick-start or consolidate your digital marketing knowledge so you gain new skills and can progress either your desired digital marketing career path or business goals. This Digital Marketing course in Ravet, PCMC will incorporate workshops led by our in-house experts, which will allow you to understand the core theoretical components of digital marketing in context and will help when creating an effective digital strategy. A certificate will only add to your CV and the learning that you receive at our premium digital marketing training institute in Ravet, PCMC will come handy as you go about working on the projects. So, check out the demo class, sign up for a digital marketing courses in Ravet, PCMC and grab the opportunities with both hands.

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    Countries Have the Most Scope for Digital Marketing

    • 1. Canada
    • 2. India
    • 3. America
    • 4. United Arab Emirates
    • 5. Australia
    • 6. United Kingdom
    • 7. Ireland
    • 8. Philippines
    • 9. Singapore
    • 10. Netherlands
    • 11. Spain
    • 12. Germany

    Cities in India has Most Scope for Digital Marketing

    • 1. Hyderabad
    • 2. Bangalore
    • 3. Mumbai
    • 4. Noida
    • 5. Gurgaon
    • 6. Indore
    • 7. Bhubaneswar
    • 8. Pune
    • 9. Ahmadabad



    Rohit Shelwante

    Digital Marketing Trainer


    Ashwani Paswan

    Digital Marketing Trainer


    Swapnil Narake

    Digital Marketing Trainer


    Gautam Sharma

    Digital Marketing Trainer

    Smruti Walekar

    Smruti Walekar

    Digital Marketing Trainer


    Piyush Pahadi

    Digital Marketing Trainer

    Satyam Thakkar

    Digital Marketing Trainer

    Hardik Daiya

    Digital Marketing Trainer

    Pankti Shah

    Digital Marketing Trainer

    Why Career in Digital Marketing

    • Digital Marketing careers are in high demand right now.
    • Digital Marketing jobs are in demand
    • Digital Marketing are the easiest high paying jobs
    • No Coding Knowledge Required


    • To find the right Institute –>  Investment
    • Time to Practice –> Long Term 2-3 Months Plan
    • Dynamic – Keep Changing –> To Start / Change your Career
    • Support / Mentorship –> Ideal Sweat Spot


    1. Digital Marketing Overview

    Under this, the basics of Digital Marketing will be covered. Topics such as what is digital marketing, digital marketing vs traditional marketing, latest digital marketing trends, strategies related to the various digital marketing platforms etc. will be taught. The purpose of this module is to give you an idea of what digital marketing actually is. It would give you an insight into the various aspects related to this field. Thus, get started with an overview before you move on to the advanced topics. A sort of warm-up before the actual workout !

    • What is Marketing ?
    • How we do Marketing ?
    • What is Digital Marketing ?
    • Digital marketing Platforms and Strategies
    • Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
    • Defining Marketing Goals
    • Latest Digital marketing trends
    • Case studies of Digital Campaigns
    • Latest Digital marketing trends

    2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • What are Search Engines and Basics?
    • HTML Basics.
    • On Page Optimization.
    • Off Page Optimization.
    • Essentials of good website designing & Much More.
    • To know more Details about SEO Click Read More.

    3. Content Marketing

    • Content Marketing Overview and Strategy
    • Content Marketing Channels
    • Creating Content
    • Content Strategy & Challenges
    • Image Marketing
    • Video Marketing
    • Measuring Results

    4. Website Structuring

    • What is Website?- Understanding website
    • Structure, WordPress
    • Website Creation,
    • Web Page Creation
    • WordPress Themes, Widgets, Plugins
    • How to register Site & Hosting of site?

    5. Google Analytics

    • Introduction
    • Navigating Google Analytics
    • Sessions
    • Users
    • Traffic Source
    • Content
    • Real Time Visitors
    • Bounce Rate%
    • Customization
    • Reports
    • Actionable Insights
    • Making Better Decisions

    6. Real Time Traffic

    7. Understanding Acquisition & Conversion Data

    • Traffic Reports
    • Events Tracking
    • Customization Reports
    • Actionable Insights
    • Making Better Decisions
    • Comparision Reports

    8. Google Webmaster Tool

    To understand the data and statistics about a site, Google has designed and created Google Webmaster Tools. Get to learn the Webmaster tool as a part of this module. You would figure out how to utilize Google’s Webmaster Tools to list your site, check out the sitemap, robots..etc. You would get an insight into how to setup your webmaster tools account, adding a sitemap, look for crawling errors..etc. All this would be covered under sub modules namely Search appearance, Search traffic, Google index, Crawl, Security issues etc.

    Search appearance

    • Structure Data
    • Rich
    • Data Highlighter
    • Html Improvements
    • Accelerated Mobile Pages
    • Google index
    • Crawl
    • Security issues

    Search traffic

    • Search Analytics
    • Links to your Site
    • Internal Links
    • Manual Actions
    • International Targeting

    9. Local SEO

    • What is Local SEO
    • Importance of Local SEO
    • Submission to Google My Business
    • Completing the Profile
    • Local SEO Ranking Signals
    • Local SEO Negative Signals
    • Citations and Local
    • Submissions

    10. Social Media Optimization (SMO)

    • What is Social Media?
    • How social media help Business?
    • Establishing your online identity.
    • Engaging your Audience.
    • How to use Groups ,Forums ,etc.
    • To know more Details about SMO Click Read More

    11. Facebook Organic

    • How can Facebook be used to aid my business?
    • Developing a useful Company / fan Page
    • Establishing your online identity.
    • Engaging your Audience, Types of posts, post scheduling
    • How to create & use Groups
    • Importance of Hashtags & how to use them

    12. Twitter Organic

    The Twitter Marketing module offers training on the most proficient methods to utilize Twitter for business. Basic concepts – from setting-up optimally, creating a Twitter business existence, to advanced marketing procedures and strategies. The Twitter training additionally covers practical implementation that is important to businesses.

    • What is Twitter advertising?
    • Types of promotions
    • Audience Targeting

    13. LinkedIn Organic

    • Your Profile: Building quality connections & getting recommendations from others
    • How to use Groups-drive traffic with news & discussions
    • How to create LinkedIn Company Page & Groups
    • Engaging your Audience.

    14. YouTube SEO

    Learn how to rank your videos on YouTube and also learn how to monitize your ads on youtube videos.

    YouTube SEO 

    • How to create YouTube channel
    • Youtube Keyword Research
    • Publish a High Retention Video
    • YouTube ranking factors
    • YouTube Video Optimization
    • Promote Your Video
    • Use of playlists

    YouTube AdSense

    • Basics of YouTube AdSense
    • How to create Creator Studio in YouTube & Verify Your Channel
    • Increase Your Profitability Through YouTube Channel
    • Linking Google AdSense & YouTube AdSense
    • Different Types of Ads

    15. Google Adowrds / Google Pay per Click

    • Ad-Words Account Setup
    • Creating Ad-Words Account
    • Ad-Words Dash Board
    • Billing in Ad-Words
    • Creating First Campaign
    • Understanding purpose of Campaign
    • Account Limits in Ad-Words
    • Location and Language Settings
    • Networks and Devices
    • Bidding and Budget
    • Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling
    • Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping
    • Demographic bidding (Display Only)
    • Ad groups and Keywords
    • Display Ad Server
    • Keyword Types (Broad, Phrase, Exact and Negative)

    16. Search Advertising

    • Text Ads and Guidelines
    • Image Ad Formats and Guidelines
    • True View Video Ads Format & Light Box Ads
    • Landing Page Optimization
    • Performance Metrics: CTR, Avg. Position, Search Term
    • Report, Segment Data Analysis, Impression Shares
    • AdWords Policies, Ad Extensions
    • CPC, vCPM, ECPC, CPA, CPV Bidding
    • Conversion Tracking
    • AdWords Editor
    • Google My Client Center:
    • Dynamic Search Campaign, Call Only Campaigns
    • Targeting Options- Target & Bid, Bid Only, Placements,
    • Keywords, Topics, Contextual Targeting

    17. Display Advertising

    • Text Ads and Guidelines
    • Image Ad Formats and Guidelines
    • True View Video Ads Format & Light Box Ads
    • Landing Page Optimization
    • Performance Metrics: CTR, Avg. Position, Search Term
    • Report, Segment Data Analysis, Impression Shares
    • AdWords Policies, Ad Extensions
    • CPC, vCPM, ECPC, CPA, CPV Bidding
    • Conversion Tracking
    • AdWords Editor
    • Google My Client Center:
    • Dynamic Search Campaign, Call Only Campaigns
    • Targeting Options- Target & Bid, Bid Only, Placements,
    • Keywords, Topics, Contextual Targeting

    18. YouTube Advertising

    Learn how to rank your videos on YouTube and also learn how to monitize your ads on youtube videos.

    • How to create YouTube channel
    • Youtube Keyword Research
    • Publish a High Retention Video
    • YouTube ranking factors
    • YouTube Video Optimization
    • Promote Your Video
    • Use of playlists

    19. Facebook Advertising

    Towards the end of the module, you’ll have a plan of how to run Facebook advertisements in light of your goals. You’ll have a structure to construct your advertisement strategy on, and a more efficient way to deal with Facebook and Instagram advertising. Facebook Advertising is a module for the individuals who are currently going with “Boost Post” or Facebook Ads Manager essentially, and who need to enhance their aptitudes to an expert level.

    • What are the business benefits of a Facebook profile?
    • Building your brand on Facebook
    • Driving visitors to your website through Facebook
    • Conversion tracking on Facebook
    • Achieving your company/organisation goals on Facebook

    20. LinkedIn Advertising

    The objective of this module is to give you the complete knowledge and techniques you require to end up plainly as an advanced user, boost your organization’s LinkedIn advertising activity and increment your brand image engagement.

    • What is LinkedIn advertising?
    • Types of promotions
    • Audience Targeting
    • Advanced Audience Targeting
    • Bidding strategies
    • Ad Format
    • Ad Dimensions and Rules
    • Remarketing Strategy
    • Conversion Tracking

    21. Conversion Tracking Tool

    • Introduction to Conversion Optimization
    • Conversion Planning
    • Landing Page Optimization

    22. Remarketing and Conversion

    • What is conversion
    • Implementing conversion tracking
    • Conversion tracking
    • Remarketing in adwords
    • Benefits of remarketing strategy
    • Building remarketing list & custom targets
    • Creating remarketing campaign

    23. Email Marketing

    • Introduction to Email Marketing basic.
    • How does Email Marketing Works.
    • Building an Email List.
    • Creating Email Content.
    • Optimising Email Campaign.

    To know more Details about Email Marketing Click Read More

    24. Mobile SEO

    • Understanding different devices
    • Mobilegeddon- A mobile algorithm
    • Deciding design patterns for mobile pages
    • Signal your configuration to search engines
    • Avoid common mistakes

    25. Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

    • Understanding Affiliate Marketing
    • Sources to Make money online
    • Applying for an Affiliate
    • Payments & Payouts
    • CPC, CPA & other metrics
    • Blogging
    • Google AdSense Account Set up
    • Placing Ads on website
    • YouTube Video Monetization
    • Allowing & blocking Ads
    • AdSense Administration

    26. Introduction to Google Adsense

    • Basics of Google Adsense
    • Adsense code installation
    • Different types of Ads
    • Increasing your profitability through Adsense
    • Effective tips in placing video, image and text ads into your website correctly
    • Google Adsense Policy overview
    • Apply for Adsense Account help Affiliate Marketing

    27. Google Tag Manager

    • Adding GTM to your website
    • Configuring trigger & variables
    • Set up AdWords conversion tracking
    • Set up Google Analytics
    • Set up Google Remarketing
    • Set up LinkedIn Code

    28. SMS Marketing

    • Setting up account for Bulk SMS
    • Naming the Campaign & SMS
    • SMS Content
    • Character limits
    • SMS Scheduling

    29. Media Buying

    • Advertising: Principles, Concepts and Management
    • Media Planning

    30. Freelancing Projects


    Batch Time Start Date Duration Weekday/ Weekend Book Now
    8 AM to 9.15 AM 10th July 2019 2 Months Weekdays Contact Us
    10.30 AM to 12.30 PM 27th July 2019 2 Months Weekdays Contact Us
    7 PM to 9 PM 7th June 2019 2 Months Weekdays Contact Us
    10.30 AM to 1.30 PM 28th July 2019 3 Months Weekend Contact Us

    Why School of Digital Marketing ?

    Pioneer Digital Marketing Training Institute

    Learning Experience with Latest Technologies

    Finance your career on your own: Education loan available

    Free domain and hosting for individual

    Hands-on Practical- Live website creation and live campaigns

    Action Speak Louder than Mouth- In Media

    Holds the best placement Record

    Internship programs- Work on live projects & get experience letter

    Mock interviews & Grooming Sessions on Recruitment Process

    Career Oriented advanced Course Content

    Career Guidance & Preparation

    6 Months Membership

    Certified Industry Experts

    Versatile Batch Timings


    A Creative Blend of Classroom Training and First Hand Practice

    School of Digital Marketing is one of the best leading Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Ravet, PCMC with 100% job assistance, specialising in digital marketing.

    Our experienced faculty members are Google certified industry experts in marketing small and medium businesses using Digital Marketing. We offer our students interactive digital marketing classroom training and a chance to work on live projects. We also guarantee premier job placements and 100% job assistance to all our students on completion of the digital marketing course. Our flexible batch timings allow you to make the most of your program.

    Digital Marketing Training is the most demanding course in India. Nowadays, Every Company wants to hire a digital marketing expert who can help their companies to get more business and visibility in social and search media. Our Digital Marketing Courses in Ravet, PCMC can help you to get better job opportunity in various companies. Know More about Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Ravet, PCMC with Premium School of Digital Marketing.

    School of Digital Marketing, a Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Ravet, PCMC believes in sharing the right knowledge of the candidates in order to build the best career in digital marketing. Digital marketing courses in Ravet, PCMC has become the mainstream in India where every business is stepping into the new strategy to build a highly competitive strength. We at the School of Digital Marketing Institutes in Ravet, PCMC provides Best Digital Marketing Courses in Ravet, PCMC to the candidates and develop the strategy in their mind so they can add more value to the company. We do provide Digital Marketing Certification Courses in Ravet, PCMC once the course is complete. Learn Digital Marketing in PCMC from Industry Experts. We are the only Digital Marketing institute to provide digital marketing courses in Ravet, PCMC with placement. We Are The Best Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Ravet, PCMC with 100 % Placement Assistance to Job Seekers at Affordable Fees. We have been referred by many popular bloggers as Top Digital Marketing Institutes in Ravet, PCMC which provides Best Digital Marketing Courses in Ravet, PCMC.

    40+ Must Know Digital Marketing Tools that You will Learn in Class


    Our Students Work in Companies like


    Searching For A Digital Marketing Training Institute In Ravet, PCMC?

    You’ve come to the right place!



    Abhishek Shrikhande

    GO MO Group


    Prashant Hiranwale

    Amura Technologies


    Sukanya Bhosale

    SocialChamps Media


    Aniket Maitra


    Kishor Barhate

    InnoServ Digital


    Jayesh Rasne


    Student Reviews

    I have been learning SEO in SDM Kothrud Branch from last 8 days...Personally I feel their Way of Teaching is extremely Good and hope for the same for remaining days of Course Duration... I Will Review Again With My Honest Opinion.. Mr. Ashwani Sir is Good in Teaching and Clearing Doubts.. Thanks a lot to Him..

    Deepak J

    Hi everyone it was a great platform for me to sharpen my Digital marketing skills& personal skills. It is the best institute for Digital Marketing course in Pune with well experienced teachers. Your confidence will be more while your leaving this institute as a Professional.

    Priti Bhor

    I am very lucky to become a part of School of Digital Marketing..if you want to become digital marketer then SDM is best institute in Pune..Covers all the topics & Clears all the doubts...Rohit sir is excellent.

    Kamlesh Khairnar

    This is the best digital marketing class in pune.The staff is so friendly and always there to help

    Mukskan Kuthwad

    This is the best Institute in pune. I have completed mt Digital Marketing course from here. They have experienced faculty of industry. I will always recommend everyone to join School of Digital Marketing for Digital Marketing. Thank You SODM Go Digital 🙂

    Amit Ranade

    It has been a great learning experience with SDM. faculties are good. Flexible Classes and i have got good guidance from the industry experts.

    Tanvi Patel

    School of digital marketing has the best faculties and teaching method... they teach you in easy and understanding words. Best institute for digital marketing. all faculties are very friendly & hardworking.

    Priya Vanve


    Is Digital Marketing demo Session free ?

    Yes, demo Session is free of cost where we give an overview regarding the teaching methods and techniques.

    Is there any Flexible Timing for working professionals ?

    Truly, we have both weekdays and end of the week classes. Not only that we have classes at various planning in the morning, evening. We are adaptable according to your requirements with the goal that you can oversee both general all day occupation and class plans.

    Can we come and see your offices ?

    Yes you can come and visit our office in our office timings that will be morning 10am to 7pm.

    Who is the faculty? Are they qualified to give training for digital marketing ?

    The faculties who train the students they themselves are Google certified as well as digital marketing working professionals holding about 8 to 9 years work experience.

    What locations do you cover ?

    We cover up 4 prime locations in Pune those are  Tilak Road, Kothrud, Viman Nagar & Pimple Saudagar & soon coming in Thane.

    Where and when can I take Digital Marketing exam ?

    You can attend the examinations at any centers of School of Digital Marketing.

    Who can pursue the Digital Marketing course ?

    Any person who has passion for imagination and can explore on web can pursue digital marketing training & an individual who is willing to start a venture can enroll to this course.

    Do we need a laptop to start this course? Do we need Internet connection? You People provide it ?

    Yes, a basic laptop would be required although the same can be arranged too. We provide free internet at the institute.

    What are the differences between your Digital Marketing courses in Nigdi and that of other institutes ?

    The topics would be the same, more or less. The major difference we think we have is; Our knowledge delivery method.

    Our expert trainers have mentored many students and gave fulfilling careers to all of them. Other difference we see is; The way we have structured the course with all required content, videos, templates, checklists, assignments and live experience.

    Can I get Job Assistance from your side after completing the Digital Marketing course ?

    Yes we provide 100% of job assistance until you get placed.

    What if I miss the Digital Marketing lecture ?

    You can attend the classes that you have missed in any of the forthcoming batches for no additional charge.

    What are your payment terms and what are payment modes are available ?

    You can pay online with a credit card or a debit card, net banking or EMI alternative.

    Who are your students ?

    Our students are from various reaches working experts from various industry and little scale business entrepreneur and individuals need to improve their knowledge in digital marketing showcasing or need to begin new course or  interested in pursuing in digital marketing course.

    Which Digital Marketing Certification you covered ?

    We provide our student through tests to confirm them with our declaration. We, further encourage our learning individuals to compose 5 Google examinations to be certified as Google Adwords professional continued with institute certification and providing internship certification as well.

    Do I need any technical knowledge to pursue Digital Marketing Course ?

    No, You just need to have the basic browsing knowledge & rest will take care of.

    Can I work as freelancer or self-employed individual ?

    Yes, Our course is designed to help you learn every concept in real time. In the end of the sessions we will discuss various concepts of Freelancing to help you get started in this industry.

    Do you provide any Training Material ?

    Yes we provide training material. In fact we give you a Manual of Printed Notes.Also we provide soft copy of notes.

    Will we get any support from you people in future if I start my business ?

    Yes. You can have a direct discussion with our faculties and take their expert advice for your business ideas.

    Building a Strong Professional Career


    Building a strong professional career in digital marketing without getting the proper knowledge is impossible. School of Digital Marketing being the best digital marketing institutes in Ravet, PCMC, supports the fresher/professional to understand the concept of digital marketing by taking them through the Theoretical & Practical digital marketing classroom session.

    This Digital Marketing classes in Ravet, PCMC effectively operates the career-oriented technical and practical classes using modern and advanced technological gadgets along with live projects. Many students who are looking for an institute for Digital Marketing courses in Ravet, PCMC must approach to us because we work to increase the efficiency of the candidates and pay proper attention for polishing their inner and outer personality. After mastering the Digital marketing skills you can step into the market with confidence and innovativeness as it is also flourishing rapidly. These digital Marketing courses cover almost every macro and micro trails that passes through the online advertising industry. We have organised our Digital Marketing classes plan in accordance with the convenience of those students too who are currently enrolled in other courses so they can join weekend classes and add a certificate in their curriculum. This Digital Marketing Course in Ravet, PCMC increases the productivity of working candidates too while continuing their job. Lots of the youngsters are looking for Digital Marketing jobs sometime they face rejection only because they lack modern marketing skills so this is a required platform for them to acquire latest digital marketing training in Ravet, PCMC. Our concern is to provide the qualitative and cost effective courses for learners in the modern India.

    Times of India, in their recent blog claims that Digital Marketing will create additional 1.5 lac jobs in India by 2017 which keeps on increasing with a period of time. Therefore, we have come up with the best digital marketing training courses in pune & job opportunities which can be easily cracked post the successful completion of the digital marketing course.

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