Machine Learning Courses in Pune

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Machine Learning Courses in Pune

One of the most exciting of all the careers in the field of data analysis today is machine learning. With the help of machine learning courses in Pune taught at School of Digital Marketing, you can easily master the essentials of algorithms as well as machine learning. The course will teach you how things can be learned from data without human intervention. Our course will help you learn the methods and models and their application to the real-life situations ranging from building recommendation engines, identifying trending new topics to ranking sports teams and plotting the movie zombies.

Our machine learning courses are designed considering the latest requirement in this field and cover the most relevant and highly popular methods used today including linear and logistic regression, EM algorithm, tree classifiers, support vector machines, boosting, K-means, Kalman filters, MAP inference, hidden Markov models, Gaussian mixture models, maximum likelihood and more.

We never compromise when it comes to delivering quality education and hence recruit professionals in the field to teach you the deep meaning of each and every topic such as clustering methods, matrix factorization, model selection, sequential models, topic modeling, and classification and regression. We discuss all the technical aspects of the course in detail with our students and even guide them to come up with their own questions, projects, and implementations multiple times during the course session.

This prepares them to face the challenges with confidence while working as a machine learning expert, a data scientists or a data analyst. We discuss all the fundamental methods that are essential for performing the task and algorithms through our practically motivated approach so that you develop a complete understanding of the respective techniques, and algorithms. Our machine learning courses are designed for both practicing data analysts and scientists as well as for newbie in the field who wants to experiment with this field for career growth.

All our courses are offered at affordable rates and provide 100% placement guarantee.