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BSNL SEO Project with School Of Digital Marketing
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BSNL SEO Project with School Of Digital Marketing

School Of Digital Marketing Receives BSNL SEO Project.

Government sector which is the most reliable and a known face in the contours of rural and urban India was apparently facing severe competition from Private sector to solve this it decided to go in for Digital Marketing.

Creating an online image making your presence felt is the need of the new age customer, who is always online. The new life style where the layman is also becoming tech savvy. Banking, Telecom, entertainment for information or transaction, the masses are turning towards search engines, increasing the need for Search Engine Marketing.

And a similar need was felt by BSNL. Looking for an expert to handle its online presence and undoubtedly it found the very best, School Of Digital Marketing, to do the needful. The project is handled by the Founder/Principal of School Of Digital Marketing, Rohit Shelwante and his team.

With an experience of 6 years and plenty of projects successfully handled, BSNL is definitely a new feather in the Hat. Accepting an SEO Project for a company is a matter of trust where confidential information is handled with care, and used selectively bifurcating material making it available for the final customer. Understanding the requirements of the dynamics of the relationship of the buyer and seller from an online search, research, comparative study, enquiries, transactions, feedback and entire customer relationship management, and all of this online.

School of Digital Marketing has taken the responsibility of BSNL, and like its other clients, BSNL will be floating above its many problems that it has been facing due to lack of Online Marketing. Companies slowly eliminating the need of middle man status and preferring to reach its final customer, customizing products and services to fit individuals, paving the future for Search Engine Optimization.

Article Credit: Anshu Chugh

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