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BookMyShow Revenue Model 2022

BookMyShow Revenue Model 2022

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BookMyShow Revenue Model 2020

BookMyShow is one of India’s top five websites in terms of transactions, with sales of over 9,50,000 tickets and customer spends of over Rs 100 million, on an average, every month. BookMyShow has a multi door revenue model.  BookMyShow Is the main Volume are from movie tickets sales.

    BookMyShow Is not as straightforward as charging a flat 15 Rs per ticket : for example they charge 0.0 Rs. extra for PVR and Inbox tickets, while they charge some internet handling charge for ordinary Cinemas.

Here are the possible scenario:

  • BookMyShow dealing with PVR/INOX, each ticket booked they take for local multiplexes/cinemas/theaters they charge as these theaters don’t have such strong online presence or subscriber base.
  • BookMyShow doesn’t charge anything for tickets of multiplexes like INOX/PVR for the time being, as they are just consolidating their user base and that was the only way these big multiplexes will work with BookMyShow.
  • As the user base keeps on growing and becoming more loyal to BookMyShow ie. BookMyShow becomes the go-to service for ticket booking they may start collecting a service fee from these multiplexes for each transaction.

BookMyShow has a multi door revenue model, Few of them as below:

1. Percentage of sales – just like Post an add in India has a cost, cine chains recognise the effort of BookMyShow and pay them slab wise commission without charging anything extra. Please know that they take much bigger percentage from lesser known players or theaters etc.

2. Advertising revenue – revenue from banners, launches and promotions. Keeping with increasing traffic… Pricing increases.

3. Money from partners – partnership with providers like Visa, American express etc.

Well business model is aggregator of theatres bookings service, but one must recognize the cost involved. There are thousands of theatres in India Connecting every single seat from this to single server. Moreover, the maintenance of server, technical team and marketing is not easy. They need to charge fees because if you calculate these costs, it will turn out to be huge, But BookMyShow Was able to scale operations and hence now in comfort zone.


Book my show has many sources of revenue:

1) Ticketing revenue:

This is the top most sources of revenue which contribute around 60% of the total revenue. This comes from internet handling fees and gap on ticket booking. The company charges a comfort fee over and above the price of the tickets. That is what BookMyShow keep. As far as non movie event are caring, BookMyShow gets commission as a part of tickets.

2) Non ticketing revenue:

Any company which wants to promote their art work of films and short films can proceed towards BookMyShow to give them an “interest creation” boost with the online audience. BookMyShow can take advantage of their huge page views to promote these new artists and their offerings. Once a ticket has been paid for, it is considered sold. Now, it can neither be replaced nor canceled.

BookMyShow also provide Tickets for events, Plays, sport, unique tours, Dramas etc. Events such as a New Year Party, Holi, Comedies shows, also generate a lot of revenue from BookMyShow. Search for Movies, Events, Plays, Sports and Activities

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Frequently Asked Question

Q1)What is the business model of

The business model of Book my show is primarily based on the listing fees that are charged to every seller. They charge sellers Rs 20 per book listing and Rs 10 per additional book listing in order to make money from their services.

Q2) How Book My Show earns money?

Book My Show has been able to earn revenue by offering these services to their customers at a low cost. The company has also been successful in providing discounts and cashbacks to users who book tickets on the website or app.

Q3) What is the commission that Book My Show gets on booking a movie ticket?

Book My Show gets a commission on every movie ticket booked through its platform. This commission is generated from the number of tickets sold, which means it is paid even if a person doesn’t actually buy a ticket.

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