Senior SEO Executive Required at Inzane Labs Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
Job Description: 1. Proven SEO experience 2. Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis 3. Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in SEO 4. Execute On-page and Off-page SEO strategies (including link building) 5. Performing ongoing keyword research including discovery and expansion of keyword opportunities 6. Researching and implementing content recommendations for organic SEO success […]
Digital Marketing For Housewives
One thing that is sure in the 21st century India and the world is the greater influence and importance of women in Technology, business and other industries. Digital marketing consists of a variety of blocks that makes what it is and has become one of the most in-demand skill set for any industry you look. […]
List of Digital Marketing Channels
Every other industry is running around with their Digital marketing teams or firms with showing off a strong online presence. But where are they heading? The traditional marketing has been overpowered by Digital marketing, but many companies and individuals are facing difficulties. The key point to a successful Digital marketing campaign is hitting the right […]
Best Digital Marketing Books Online
If you want to learn Digital marketing, learn how to adapt, how to use your creative to marketing things and products and services. A protege artist of Digital marketing must know that the province of Digital marketing is continuously being dethroned by new, creative and powerful methods to publicize material online. From traditional Email marketing […]
Digital Marketing Abbreviations
Digital marketing is a trending phraseology across the world and is attracting creative and young mind along with experienced and accomplished people to market things where the consumer is, that is the Internet. So when you look into making a career in Digital Marketing, you start learning. But there can be some acronyms you might […]
Do I need a degree to get into Digital Marketing?
Digital marketing is one of those industries which is constantly growing and evolving. The reason being, targeting the platform where the public actually is the key to marketing any brand or product. But Digital marketing requires true amalgamation of analytical approach and creativity, and that is why it is in so trend right now. You […]
What is AB Testing in Digital Marketing?
Imagine yourself in a dark room. What is it that you need to see? It’s light right? AB testing (alpha-beta testing), also known as split testing is the light in the dark world of Digital marketing. The basic perspective of the AB algorithm test is to remove the guesswork of the executive in a digital […]
Paytm Vs Uc Browser
Paytm in discussions to buy UCWeb’s India business
Paytm has held discussions with Alibaba-owned browser UCWeb for an acquisition of the latter’s India business, sources aware of the matter said. UCWeb’s UC Browser emerged as the largest mobile browser in India beating Google Chrome last year, and today accounts for more than 51% of the market here. The transaction could be valued at […]
Learn Digital Marketing & start your own business
I want to learn Digital Marketing and start my own business as a consultant
I want to learn Digital Marketing and start my own business as a consultant. What should I do? I think that your work is what defines who you are. Before coming to what to do, the first question you must ask yourself is ‘Why’ do it? If you get a clear answer of the why […]
What does digital marketing manager do?
What does a Digital Marketing Manager do?
Everything that you see on the internet, may it be social media, websites of some company or enterprise or an advertisement that pops up on your mobile, is created, written and managed by a squad of individuals with different skill sets. A digital marketing manager is the person who works as a mediator, leader and […]