10 Reasons to Let Your Employees Work From Home


Employees often value flexible work schedules, such as work-at-home and telecommuting options, because the work option gives them a more effective work-life balance. Flex-time scheduling also has benefits for employers. Recent studies have supported the idea that working from home—for the right people—can increase productivity and decrease stress

  1. They’ll waste less time commuting.
    Cutting out a commute can be both a huge morale booster and a huge time saver. Employees will also waste less money on gas or public transportation.
  2. You won’t have to pay for office space.
    Working from home means either no office or at the very least, a lot less office space. If you don’t want to make the switch to a completely remote environment, try staggering your employees’ work-from-home days to save on office space. Automatic dedicates the money saved on office space to fund a huge travel budget.
  3. You won’t have to pay for office supplies.
    No one likes doing bulk orders for office supplies. By having employees work from home, you can cut out a lot of these useless expenditures.
  4. You can hire the best, no matter where they are.
    No office means the ability to work with anyone in the world. Freelance networks like Toptal (with its notoriously tough location-independent screening process) have capitalized on this concept by connecting top companies with the very best software developers from all around the world.
  5. There are tons of product-management services for remote teams.
    Tools like Basecamp and Asana make managing your remote team extremely easy. You’ll be just as up-to-date on your employees’ activities as you would be if they were in an office.
  6. Employees from other companies will be jealous.
    They might even quit their own jobs to come work for you. Who knows?
  7. They’ll be more productive.
    One Stanford study found that employees who work from home are 13 percent more productive compared with their in-office counterparts.
  8. They’ll be happier.
    Everyone seems to be talking about work-life balance these days, and there’s no better way to improve the work-life balance of your employees than to let them work from home.
  9. No more wasting time on useless meetings.
    Remember the productivity thing? Well, a lot of that comes from cutting all the useless meetings and other time wasters that are ubiquitous in an office environment.
  10. Employees will take fewer sick days.
    Colds and food poisoning make going into the office miserable, but working from home? Not so bad. Employees who are mildly sick can still get work done most of the time if it means not having to go into the office. Another bonus? No sharing illnesses.

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Clearly remote working has its benefits during the Covid 19 crisis:

It maintains business continuity when work premises are out of use / cannot be accessed for any reason.
It offers flexibility for staff who may need to be at home one day, such as waiting on a delivery or having an appointment.
It means staff who have any sort of illness (not just Coronavirus) can work in isolation from their colleagues and not pass their bugs on to them.
It brings environmental benefits from less travelling.

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